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What if...?


What if Davey Jones wasn’t a believer and he could leave her?


I thought you were gonna say what if davey Jones found his locker.


He’d have more time to monkee around…? (Wow that was worse than a dad joke…:laughing: )


What if they stabbed it with their steely knives, and they actually could kill the beast?


What if the highway was to heaven and the stairway to hell?


What if some of those who run forces were not the same who burned crosses? Would it be okay then to do what ya tell me???


What if Peter Percival Patterson’s pet pig Porky didn’t like pumpkin pie? Would he still pop?


What if your aunt did have balls??? Would she really be your uncle?


What if you couldn’t even check into the Hotel California?


But, then you could never check out, no matter what time you like, but you could always leave…hmmm.


What if Neo really wasn’t the “one?”


What if Lucy was in the sky, but with emeralds?


What if one wasn’t the loneliest number?


Then, Lennon’s Kinase would be spectacularly inhibited!


Buh…But…he wasn’t…Was he?


What if I actually was Turning Japanese? Would I still think so?


With all the social media ‘taking over’, and all the ‘fake news’ from “Real media”…

What if Huey Lewis was the News (source)?!


What if Eric Burden didn’t spill the wine, could he still take the pearl?


What if the Eagles did come to their senses and did draw the queen of diamonds?


Well, I think he got the job done in the end, so, he must have been! I dont know. They got less interesting the more it looked like a damn video game graphics designer took over.