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What if...?


What if the reflex wasn’t an only child? Would he still be waiting in the park?


What if Jesse’s Girl was Stacy’s Mom and her number was 867-5389?


What if you couldn’t beat it, or whip it good, would it still homogenize ?


To be honest, it’s about the only thing from Neo’s conversation with The Architect that stuck with me. There had been 5 or 6 iterations of “The One”, and Neo was just the latest. Everything else in that conversation needed heavy amounts of DMT to decipher…


What if Video didn’t kill the Radio Star?


See, I thought she told him he wasn’t the “one” and all of that so that he would stop trippin and get on with it! I’m sure they’re teaching this subject in a university somewhere…


What if there was no such thing as a hypothetical question? Hmmmm


Then Stacy’s mom wasn’t interested, as she gave him a wrong number!! (her actual number is 867-5309. 5309. 5309.!lol)


Poor @louiesquared she may have actually answered if u dialed right :cry:


Can you imagine? Those “tears of joy” in actually getting the number ruining the writing by smudging that 0 into an 8?

Fate can be cruel! :laughing:


Story of my life. :neutral_face:


Damn fat fingers. Aaargh


So what if I didn’t shoot the sherif but did shoot the deputy?


What if the band wasn’t on the run? Would they still meet the jailer?


What if the sheriff wasn’t shot at all would the deputy be alive and well?


They both lead the user to the same destination.


What if there was a mountain high enough?


What if they didn’t give up the funk, could they still tear the roof off the sucker?


I’d say that a Zeppelin caught fire because of an AC/DC short circuit… :joy:


That’s easy… the answer is a question mark…