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What if...?


What if presidents fought the war and didn’t always send the poor?


That was the Oracle. The Architect was the Col. Sanders-looking smug bastard in the TV room.


What if they DID need the water so that the muthaf***a wouldn’t burn?


Oh, man! Whoops!


No worries! I got a little too invested in the Matrix series when they first came out…


What if David Lee Roth was…. talkin about love


I just loved Matrix I, but the more that franchise went on, the more I thought "Jeez, those freakin’ Ameicans even have to ruin their own stories with their cheesey love stories, their overblown spectacle etc " Frankly, it started reminding me of the ghastly American movie version of the Borrowers .

Hmm lucky people can’t neg me, here., hmm? :laughing:

Back on topic (and returning to a musical theme) :

what if Leonard Cohen and Janis Joplin had been pretty?


Her voice would have still sounded like razor blades in a garbage disposal.


Wow! that’s such a poetic way of putting it, Sparky, it could almost be a line from one of L. Cohen’s lyrics. :star_struck: Heck, I’m tempted to overlook your evident lack of taste and plus you


What if it was only a 2 hour tour, would the minnow still be lost?


What if flavor isn’t subjective?!


In that case I died and went to heaven when I first tasted Sauvignon Blanc (MF) @ 0.5% . Am now typing this reply via a psychic medium.

And it follows, of course, that you too will die and go to heaven , if you follow my example… just so long as you keep the wattage low. Otherwise your face will literally turn green and your stomach might literally explode.


What is @Pro_Vapes wasn’t a MF fan???


What if 6 was 9


Never read percentages upside down :joy:


Obviously going for the joke there… but, you CANNOT have a guitar in your avatar, and NOT know Jimi.

If you actually, honestly, missed it, then consider your Guitar avatar revoked for a year! :rofl:


Missed it!! My fault I’ll read again and…

Noooooooooooooooooo not a year… I’d have to post a picture of me playing it!!!