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What is in Campfire Outdoors and S'mores?


Back in the beginning of my SOP (S’mores Obsession Phase) mixed up probably 50 or more different iterations TRYING to get the magic mix. Had ups and downs, greats, and fails, and did indeed pick up a few commercial juices, not only for a taste break from my own mixes, but to see what was being offered, getting new ideas, etc. Most didn’t make the cut. Now being somewhat hesitant to MENTION a commercial juice on ELR, hehe, I post anyways. Campfire Outdoors and S’mores has been one that has mystified and fascinated me ever since I’ve tried it, and it continues to do so. I really isn’t a traditional S’mores recipie, but when smelled and/or vaped, for the life of me, cannot nail down what the hell it’s made with. Cloning ? Ehhh, maybe yes, maybe no, but I get a very unique smell from it and wanted to see if anyone else had half a clue. I know there’s hazelnut in it, but checking all my flavors, leaves me clueless (understanding flavors blend/shift/change). Anyone else out there, find this juice as mystical as me ?

Outdoors and Smores by Campfire E-Liquid is the perfect flavor for the winter season, presenting a flame roasted savory hazelnut spread, creamy oats, smooth and delicious milk chocolate, and a perfectly fluffy marshmallow. Warm, gooey, sweet and sophisticated, Outdoors and Smores will instantly evoke memories of good times with a tasty dessert.


Here is Lars clone,


@Beaufort_Batches thank you. I tried that one early on. TPA DCC is fairly strong, and for what I was going for anything over 3-4% just took over the mix. I thank you anyway though. :slight_smile:

I’m STILL trying to nail down the outdoors and smores thing. The description claims “oatmeal” as well as others, and I have no clue if that’s accurate or not, but I don’t have any oatmeal flavors LOL.

It’s proven to be almost impossible for me to figure it out. If you smelled or vaped this, you might know what I mean. Clearly hazelnut, but when smelling ALL of my hazelnuts they don’t come close, so I’m still in that WTF is this stuff phase.


Well, reading the flavor description you shared, instantly evokes a “have you tried (or thought about) FA Oak?” for the “flame roasted” (which I translate as smoky) portion…that or TFA Toasted Marshmallow


@Sprkslfly @Skullblade789 just mentioned that in another thread. I will def. try that for some smokiness. I still have to nail down the hazelnut/oatmeal ? thing. Thank you.


Exactly what I was gonna say! I’ve seen several “clones” have a combination of those particular flavors in common.


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I know somebody on ELR must have tried/loved/mixed the elusive Outdoors and Smores. To me, it is NOT a traditional S’mores w./ choco/mmallow/graham although they may be in there. The initial smell is quite intersting, and it’s def. hazelnut first, but with must be some creme, vanilla and some others. Very hard for me to nail this down. Addictions suck…


I’ve had sooo many iterations of S’mores, kept them all private. The following was NOT meant to be a Outdoors and S’mores clone, just deep into my obsession. There IS a possibility that I’m too damned picky also LOL. Soo many iterations, so little time, soo many notes…



Could just be the result of the combination of certain flavors after steeping.
When I write up a flavor profile for any of the juices I sell, commercially, I write what flavors are tasted (I use a small group of human Guinea pigs. They get free juice, I get real time testing.) like the one I recently gave them had organic strawberry and coconut as the main notes, which mutated into a delicious cookie like flavor. I wrote it up as a cookie. It’s been a hit, but people still try to pick the flavors out, without coming even remotely close.
Just throwing out the possibility that it could be something simple, but confounding, too figure out.
Now I’m craving some smores! :smile:


Roger that @Flavologist. Hehe, I have my crew of guinea pigs as well. Understood on the FINAL, PERCEIVED flavors, as opposed to the INITIAL, COMPONENT flavors. I’m still trying to figure it out, but sometimes, just sometimes, I hit a wall…


I am not familiar with this juice, but was also going to ask if you tried toasted Marshmallow. @Amy2 might have some really helpful suggestions!


Yes, have tried the toasted MM and it’s quite good. Right now, I’m hung up on the hazelnut/oatmeal ? main note. Thank you.


Saw a clone that actually has hazelnut-fw in it, as well as toasted marshmallow-fw, but the rest of the percentages look a bit off. Haven’t bought a commercial juice in awhile now, but I might have to try this one, sounds yummy! Lol


@AZViking I think I might have seen that recipe as well, will have to try and locate it again. If you DO decide to pick up the Outdoor and Smores, you have to let me know. Strength in numbers !!!


The numbers are the percentages, but again, they look a bit off.


Yes, that’s it, and thank you for finding it. I agree the percentages look pretty OFF, compared to what I’m tasting in the final (commercial) mix. Maybe I’m just ODD here, but I don’t like an overpowering chocolate in my s’mores. It should be IN there, but maybe just below the main note/notes as it can overpower the mix, causing obliteration of the the graham, and marshmallow.

Sadly (because I’m up to 25 different iterations of my quest for s’mores) I will indeed mix ^^^^ this up and see how it fares out of the gate.


Have not tried the juice so just a shot in the dark assuming this juice has been around for awhile maybe

Chocolate hazelnut spread - Flavor West
Chocolate Hazelnut Spread (SC) (Real Flavors)’

Basically Nutella. I think cupcakeworld has one as well.

an Oatmeal cookie may also be a contender



@woftam you may be right with the hazel spread, as that may just be the main note. FJ = Flavor Junkies ?? I’ve not heard of that brand yet. Thank you.


@woftam I could have SWORN that I’d seen a choco hazel flavor from them, but now apparently, it doesn’t exist. Hazel, and creamy hazel, hmmm…