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What is in Campfire Outdoors and S'mores?


Think I’m gonna have to hit a b&m today to grab a bottle of this. Profile sounds yummy, and then I can speak more intelligently about the proposed ingredients. Strength in numbers indeed! Might be able to nail it down faster with more than one person working on it.


Man, that SUUUUUURE would be good, to have a 2nd set of eyes (or more) on this. I can’t help it, I get STUCK on something and I OBSESS on it. Doesn’t mean I can figure it out, as apparently just coming UP with a mix I can do, but reverse engineering one, not so much. I anxiously await your return from the store !!!


Commercial juices can be tricky for sure! They’ll actually break out the sorcery kit and add stuff like distilled water, for that extra polish. I did notice a lot of them use extra sweeteners as well. My old tfv8 coils lasted a lot longer once I started making my own and got off the store bought stuff!


Yeah. The O&S is pretty sweet, but that’ll be the beauty of it, if we can figure it out, then we can reduce. Sorcery is right !!!


The marshmallow in this is tfa, not fa. Huge difference between the two! I was thinking that percentage was way off, especially with the extra sweetener, but if this juice is as sweet as you’re saying, it might be up there! I’ve used the tfa version as a sweetener by itself. The fa is more of an actual marshmallow flavor.


Crap, thanks for that, I’ve changed the recipe, but the post ^^^^ doesn’t seem to update, will remove, repost with correct TPA MM.


Corrected with TPA MM…



Ok let’s see what’s what here…


Nice! I have all but the toasted-fw, I think mine is cap or tfa.



This one ^^^^ smells choco heavy right after mixing which is what I’ve experienced with TPA DCC, esp. @ 6%. Made a v2. with DCC and Sweetener reduced to half, putting the DCC @ 3%. Realizing a fresh mixed sniff isn’t the tell all, still smells choco heavy (i.e. taking over the mix).


3rd fresh mixer test ^^^^ subbed INW Milk Chocolate (not sure what version it is, but it smells good), and TPA Toasted MM. Out of all three, none smell overly close to the commercial bottle, BUT, version 3 smells the most appealing, with not one single flavor taking over the mix.

Will continue to sniff as they steep.


@AZViking I’m sure I’m in full-in obsession mode at this point LOL, I’m smelling flavors, and comparing to the store bought, and I’m pretty sure the TFA Toasted Marshmallow smells right, the FW doesn’t smell as right to me. I have to go out and mow the grass LOL, so I’ll stop spam posting, but unless the FW Hazelnut steeps/blends differently, initially it smells not quite like the store bought. Let’s see what happens after it sleeps for a bit.


Doesn’t Flavorah have a smores flavour?


Yeah they do. I did single flavor tests, it was ok, but as a base/starter only. Thought it was going to be my silver bullet, but not. Thank you @Uncle_Anti


For some reason, I am deeply intruiged at watching the two of you work it out. Probably for the learning experience of trying to clone a juice. I’m rooting for you! Good luck!


Just throwing this out there based on some of what I’ve read here. FA Black Fire is supposed to be kind of campfire smoky and slightly sweet. Maybe worth a look at.


No worries, I thought it was worth a mention and didn’t see it earlier in the post, apologies. Best of luck with the search :slight_smile:


@Uncle_Anti No problem, we’ll take all the help we can get. Thank you.


Nutella fw?


Nutella type maybe the one


Neither of my local b&m’s had that juice :frowning: gonna order it and get at least 30ml bottles of the ingredients that I don’t have or have small bottles. Will be joining the hunt next week!

I read that the chocolate is supposed to be very lite, again I haven’t had it yet. Did you find that to be the case?