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What is in Campfire Outdoors and S'mores?


@JoJo, you’ve revealed the ingredient I’ve been on the hunt for!
Vanillin wasn’t right, RF’s toasted blend didn’t get it where I wanted. Now to make, yet another order, 4th order this week, but not all have been just flavors, 2 of them are enhancers that will, hopefully, put some of the “good” over into outstanding. (2-Cyclopentyl cyclopentanone, for slight cooling and creaminess).


This one seems to be harder to come by, I think I found one vendor who has it. Can’t find much info on it or reviews.

I got two bottles of the Outdoors and Smores so I can keep the target in sight. Which chocolate (light) were you talking about ?


@JoJo maybe you can help me here. I see reviews saying the black fire is like a smoky tobacco but others say it is good for s’mores. What’s your take on it?


I just meant that it wasn’t really heavy on the chocolate, that recipe starting it out at 6% seems chocolate heavy. I picked up a bottle of the oak wood fa to go along with it.


@AZViking You are correct, the Outdoors and S’mores is NOT choco heavy. I’m going to let 1-3 steep for a few days to see what happens. V1. def. smells choco heavy, V2. not sure yet, and V3. although smelling delicious, might need a little more choco. I cannot tell which version (old/new) INW Milk Chocolate I have (it didn’t smell terrible like I’m hearing the newer version does, so I’m assuming I got the older version). I’m anxious to hear what you think about the FA Black Fire. Whether it’s a tobacco flave, or maybe a smoky flave.


I think it’s meant as a tobacco additive kind of like Inawera DNB. I haven’t had it so I can’t say for sure. Most of the reviews I’ve read say it’s like campfire smoke rather than ash tray smoke and has a bit of a sweetness to it where DNB is more dry. Take that fwiw. Sounds like it’d work in smores to me though.


@AZViking vaping the O&S while the 1st 3 testers steep, think I’m getting a graham hazel note as primary, not 100 %. It’s like the choco is barely there. Am sure we can make a better version.


Mine will be here tomorrow, along with the flavors. Tfa also makes a red oak, wondering if that wouldn’t be it. They used to make a hickory smoke one too, but I think that they discontinued it. Will find out soon enough, I’m actually excited to take a crack at this one! Lol


Yeah, me too. Solid to be working with someone else, as my reverse juice engineering apparently sucks, LOL. I have the FA Black Fire coming as well. I’ve never had Red Oak either, so cannot be sure which one works. I’m still test vaping the original, and I’m not even sure if I’m getting choco from it, which makes me think I know we can improve on it.


Have you recieved the FLV flavors yet (marshmallow or whip cream)
Have you tried using RF SC chocolate yet?
This is my next mix i saw it on a cooking website and was like f#"k ya…

Banoffee Smores
It calls for chocolate oatmeal cookies sandwiched between sliced bananas, melted mashmallows and layered with caramel.


@mixologist13 OH NO !!! I hope my ADHD/ADD hasn’t infected you with the same mind numbing obsession !!!

I have only SOME of the FLV flavors, BUT, strangely I DID just order their marshmallow, whip cream, and milk chocolate, so we are on the same track. RFS chocolate ?? RF SC ?? If so, I don’t have that flavor yet. Mmmmmmmmm, I am VERY much in favor of your found Banoffee s’mores !!


Sorry edited it yes RF SC though i use the VG version so i can keep the chocolate as an accent and not have it take over. I use the RF VG Chocolate anywhere from 2-5% depending how prominent i wamt it to be. The RF chocolate is on point and one of the only vapable chocolate flavors out there IMO highly recomend it. I think you will find the FLV is too “tootsie roll” like. The marshmallow and whip however certainly can find a home in a smores recipe


Hmmm, I’m sure I’ve tasted their chocolate in others of their flavors, but now you have me curious as to the straight chocolate. Any off putting notes ? Dark, light ?


Absolutely zero off putting notes. While the RF SC cookies and cream is a star in my books as well, for oreo/cookies and cream profiles, the plain chocolate is more versatile. It is more of a light chocolate semi sweet, somewhat creamy with that RF unique mouthfeel. For milk chocolate i am confident OOO milky undertone would be needed maybe paired with a few creams at low % for added DAAPs :wink: oy ya shes a keeper also get the butter crisp if you like butterfinger its one of the weaker RF SC and will fade tho use 4-5% .


@SessionDrummer Sampling it now, gotta say this is far from a traditional s’more! Lol. I don’t really taste the chocolate, I can smell it on the exhale though. Definitely picking up the woody flavor, hazelnut, graham cracker, think I’m getting cinnamon and another that I’m gonna have to go smell my stash for… almost thinking vanilla bourbon. Complex, but not overwhelming… this’ll be fun! Lol
The tfa chocolates are more like tootsie rolls for me, this might be a cocoa since it’s not very sweet to me either. Does this one gunk up your coils? Actually have this in 2 different atty’s now to see if the notes change with higher wattages (pulse and goon). Gonna keep at it and report back. The description is interesting too, “Flame roasted savory hazelnut, creamy oats, and aspen hinted marshmallow”. I do love a challenge! Lol

Starting to suspect oatmeal cookie instead of the graham cracker in this. Tfa more than likely, flv has one, but their’s is oatmeal raisin.


Love this thread, love everything about it.

Did you have any luck with the FW Toasted Marshmallow?

Have the following flavors and been trying to mix each up into a decent s’mores recipe.

FLV Milk Chocolate
FLV Marshmallow
FA Marshmallow
FW Toasted Marshmallow
TFA DX Graham Cracker
TFA Graham Cracker (Clear) <-- Not sure if this belongs…
FLV Milk Chocolate
MF White Chocolate
FA Hazelnut
MF Hazelnut
TFA DX Hazelnut

Have a lot of the same ingredients you are working with, there has to be a good s’mores between all of our ingredients…


Exactly, that’s why when i smell it, then start checking it against my flavors, I’m always like What IS this stuff ??? !!!

Rolling to work shortly, and will fill a tank and vape on it. Def. get a hazel graham with creme (s) nilla ?? I barely get choco, but there’s the lingering note. Maybe is oatmeal ?? It’s a fun one for sure.

Not major gunking but is sweet so that’s probably the culprit.


@AZViking Hehe, I’ve been smelling my stash, and only having two hazels is leaving me blank on that. I’m also getting some (hint) of cinnamon and thinking probably from the graham ? The “other” still has me questioning…

Almost ready to test 1, 2, and 3, just to see how they’ve settled after a few days.



LMAO. Sorry, but I can’t help but say…
You do realize that a shower after that activity will solve the problem, right?


Still can’t shake the thought that oatmeal cookie belongs in there too. I get that oatmealish back note, and it has a slight nuttiness to it, with that hint of bourbon that I am almost certain is in there lol Love trying to nail flavors by off notes lol