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What scale do you use to mix?


Thank You…


I’m far from rich so I’d def have to save for a bit to have the money to buy a better more sensitive scale, but if I could just find one that would pick up and read 0.01g properly I would be soooooo happy and willing to pay a extra few bucks and not complain. Having OCD is so frustrating when little things like this situation. Most wouldn’t bat and eye over their scale not picking up the single drop but not me. It makes me so nervous and anxious when I mix. I try to avoid mixing anything that needs super low %. It probably wouldn’t be and issue but when I am testing a new recipe I’ve never tried or I am mixing a new recipe I’ve got worked out I like to mix super small bottles of it. It depends on how “sure” I feel about the recipe but some I mix 5ml, 8ml 10ml and ones I am pretty sure I will like I’ll mix 15ml. So for my small test bottles I feel I need to be able to have the single drop register. It may seem silly and trivial to some of the PHd Mixer experts on here but it is what I want and need to mix the way I am comfortable mixing. Thank you for your response it it appreciated.


If I were you, I would standardise on 10ml and agree with yourself on what precision you want to achieve beforehand.
Less annyment when it is not perfect. Myself, I give myself +/- 10% or up to .02 of a gramme ( typically one drop or .2% in 10ml)

The 50x0.001g scales that we are going on about never fail to register a drop. I have tried them with pellets, and they give pretty repeatable results as well. They cost about 10$/£/€ and are also available in sex shops, according to one of the members of this board :slight_smile:


Im not even going try thinking what it’'s used for… in that situation. :flushed:

Atomically compared to a $2000.00 scale that does 0.001 Im sure it’s not spot on, but since you’re using the same scale to measure everything, it’s all relative… the same for all your recipes and measurements.

For SUPER CONCENTRATES I dilute them all the same way 4:1 (4%PG 1%SC) in a new bottle so 1 drop now is really 0.20% of a drop.

Small 2ml 4ml 6ml testers is in a different class of mixing. Not everyone can afford 100x30ml bottles of flavor to waste testing, when you want to make 50-100 test recipes.


I have found myself becoming more “frugal” as I get older and I just can’t bring myself to mix 30+ml of a recipe I have never mixed nor know for certain I will LOVE. So I purchased 100 5ml for $2.90 and I mix 5ml of new recipes when it is at all possible to do so. When it isn’t I try for 8-10ml. I appreciate all the feedback from everyone. It is very helpful. Thank you.


Nicotine is often the most expensive ingredient in my recipes ( I tend to be low on flavours and nic salts are still expensive in UK ), one thing I do when I want to pinch pennies on recipe that I am not sure about is to leave the nic out. My 10ml bottles take 12 so I can always add it later.


We all vape 3mg nic and I learned early on in my mixing that even at 3mg nic disappeared quick when I was adding the nic to all my test bottles. So I leave it out and if there is a recipe that turns out great I will add the nic after I have tried it and know I will vape it. I also try to stick to keep my own recipes as low % of each flavor as possible to get what I am wanting as well as look for recipes that don’t use high % of individual flavors. I have recently started buying FLV one here and there to build up a stash of their flavors since they are supposed to be a brand that is good and designed to need a very very low % to achieve the desired flavors. I actually just made a post looking for someone who has done a FLV test and flavor description of their flavors. So I can make more informed purchases of their flavors in the future.