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What scale do you use to mix?


your going to pay some serious money for a scale that read .01, they do have scales that will measure down to .001 if you want but the price isnt worth it


Yea Ive never looked back at scales Id buy a second one in a heart beat it’s never missed to register 1 drop on me. And does 0.001 very fast. Only down side is it only weighs up to 50g/50ml MAX. So if your doing 120ml then Id just weigh the flavors on it.

My other one weighs up to 200g Max but yea it misses drops all the time until a substantial amount is added. So Id use the first one to add flavors and the bigger one for the pg and Vg after the flavors are precise.

I know 2 scales! right… lol But if your serious in not missing drops and can deal with 50ml max weight then youll be VERY happy. I usually only make small batches under 50g. So I didn’t know people demanded higher weight limits as much. But it will weigh 50g of flavors very easy and presice. Which is only 20% of the mix. So 50ml of flavor will still make a 250ml batch.


makes a lot of sense especially when using the ultra / super concentrates where 1 to 2 drops is all you need … is this scale only battery operated? and does it time out on you like other scales do when you dont use the electric plug in ??? if this had a plug in id be on board


2 AAA batts. Its a 3 minute time out. Ive fininshed a mix, walked away to heat and shake bottle, went to the bath room. And come back shocked to see its still on, many many times. It still amazes me, sometimes I wonder if the time out is broken on mine. The back-light shuts off but it doesnt completly shut down for 3 minutes.


My other scale miss drops. I wont touch it. Id be miserable trying to create stuff if I had to use it. It will bring the real fun of mixing into your life for sure.


Don’t forget the sub drops when doing precise 10ml samplers.
Because the drop is always the wrong size when you only need one or two :slight_smile:


=) If you mean half a drop… Yea you squeeze half a drop and touch the rim of the bottle and it will measure 1/2 a drop. I know im crazy, but, you’ll get the hang of it so you can get exactly the amount you want with a little practice.


There’s some samplers I’ve done that were so low that I had to do it with a tooth pick (not my idea, saw it somewhere and wanted to try it, works like a charm so) . My husbands face was priceless, I think one day I get served the divorce papers if I keep that stuff up lol. Doubt you’re that crazy.


One of the good things I picked up from the FLV free recipe book, is to always hold your bottles vertical when working with drops. I just did it like I saw in youtube videos.
My bottles used to be tilted and you don’t really get a consistent drop from it. Especially with the very small quantities that a scale doesn’t pick up on very well, it’s good to work in a consistent way.


thats what Im trying to explain. I don’t know how to say it. im not OCD… but when you start mixing on this you’ll know when to hold the bottle tilted for a biiger drop and when not to, and you’ll be able to prdict how much it will drop like it’s magic. Not OCD im in love with mixing cause I it’s easyeir with this scale. Youll know instinsitly how much all the different bottle drop to at least 0.010 with just a few deays of using it.


lol let him try it for a few days and you won’t be able to get your hands on it.


If you have a 0.001g accuracy on your scale, it’s pretty easy I’m sure… not so much with a 0.01g scale which I think most here use. And consistency is important. When tilting your bottle, 2 drops in succession won’t have the same size (or only by luck).
In my recent orders, I’ve received dripper noses that are unevenly cut, don’t have a clean cut etc, so the drop size changes not only with tilt, but also depending on which direction is up. The only way to get consistency (without using additional tools) is to hold your bottle vertical. It doesn’t have much to do with experience or instinct IMO.


Yes but seeing it to the 0.001 gives you so much more feedback and input that something clicks and it becomes magical how you just know how to drop from the different bottle. the only thing I cant stand is when a bottle gets worn-out and you squezze it and it squirts like 0.100 into the bottle.


mixing? Nah he absolutely hates it. I let him try before as well as having him do one mix, and it was a disaster. I mix for all of us, as well as build the coils, wrap the coils, wick our atomizers etc. He only tells me what he wants/needs and vapes, hence he never understands when I am stressed out lol.


I would hate it and stop without this scale missing drops with the other one i have. only other alternative for me would be…

I should of ordered 100 of these bottles and transfered all the flvs to them.

I wouldnt even need a scale. They drop 0.020 everytime.

Just put in 50 drops per ml and use drop counts. no scale needed 100% accuracy


The real killer is when there is an air bubble in the needle tip. Otherwise fa bottles give me near perfect .02 drops. Others vary.


Yep learned the hard way, air bubbles and bottles that accidentally squirt now get transfered before they can wreak havoc on other mixes.

You said you also use the same scale… So you know what im rambling on about. Complete pleasure to use and makes mixing fun, easy non-frustrating yes?


I entirely agree with you. These scales are great, widely available and very affordable.
To me it should be the default for new starters.


@SuperFrog yes thanks SF, If I didnt get lucky using it when I started, and I had to use my scale that misses drops, I can’t say Id have keep mixing or mixed as much as I did, because I could easily. Or worse ran out and bought a super expensive scale to do what this will.

I’ll not lie about it, looks cheap it’s small the plate that weighs can fall off if you turn it upside down, but seems like it’s meant to just cradle on top of it. you have to be careful not to press down on it because it might mess up the sensitivity of it. Im sure some people got bad ones like any product, it only weighs aprox 54ml max before OL and hard to believe you get such precision for so low a cost, a fixed 3 minute time out, runs a long time on cheaper aaa batteries. but the thing is a fast laser like scale, that won’t miss a drop.

I just dropped a piece of cotton on it and registered 0.009. :dizzy_face:


No Youtube so I did video to gif. 1st weighted 3 pieces of cotton then 2 pieces of cotton.