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What Stupid Thing did you do today


Well was mixing up a batch of Fresh03’s Strawberry milkshake today as my red touch arrived from Darkstar with my new nicotine.
got to add the red touch and this was last flavour to weigh in and like a dumb ass did not notice that the bottle when top unscrewed did not have a dripper top on and 27mg came straight out and ruined the mix and wasted nearly all my red touch flavour :rage: so gutted its un real
Just don’t know what to do with it as its now got 10 times of red touch in other than bin it as all othe quantities and nicotine levels shot it.

I am so $#%$! stupid!

I do feel for ya dear. That sux.


Yes. That sucks. But divied and concur. Just split everything by 10.


@Grubby has made a calculator that should be able to re calculate , you can at least salvage some of it
if not make up some interesting new flavours too, as Chris said … divide and conquer


Thanks yea I was gonna do that but I don’t have enough of the other flavours to really make anything up or enough bottles left.
Still cannot believe there was not a dripper on the bottle as it was only 30ml not like a 100ml.
Checked the other 3 flavours as well and they have not either so I can see this happening again in a months time when i use one of them DOH


OK, Bottle it with an estimate as near to of exactly what is in it written down.
put it aside, and work out over time what you can do with it.

Further to that …
Share the ingredients and quantities in a “OOPS Recipe” and share it amongst the community here.
together everyone can come up with some different recipes over time that will make use of everything


I have put it in steep box and going to get 3 120ml bottles and x everything by 10 and make big batch of strawberry milkshake when I order some more flavours LOL
At least I like milkshake.


Could you up the other ingredients by the same % you went over on the Red Touch making a giant batch then break it down into smaller bottles?


What quantity would the recipe be if it had been correct (Bottle Size)? Do you know a exact amount of Red Touch you used? You can probably weigh it as is and whatever the amount over what the finished recipe should weigh plus the amount that is supposed to be in the recipe should tell you how much. Hopefully you weren’t making over 30mls. If you were not then it is feasible to make a batch in little over 300 mils. Hopefully this is a flavor you enjoy…


Hope you took notes what happened…

The recipe combiner is a great way to mix 2 e juices and calculate new % for each flavor in the 2 juices.

you mean 27ML? just use this new mix as a stone, I dont think its a complete waste as long as you know what is in it.


Ugh I did the same thing two days ago. I went to drip honeysuckle into the bottle and I didn’t realize that the dropper tip had popped off when I unscrewed the cap. Poured half the bottle out. Luckily for me most of it missed the bottle, so I was able to clean up and re-weigh and I was still under my target amount. Sucks that I lost half the bottle, but at least the recipe wasn’t ruined.


We really need a new icon that combines the laughing with the cry icons, because I’d be “laughing through the tears”!!

Sucks to lose flavoring that way, but I would be laughing at the “tell me that didn’t just happen” aspect at the same time.


I just built a dual coil from 2 twisted strands of 22AWG, 9 wraps around a 4mm bit.
The reason I built them was to test the iJoy Maxo at full power without hitting the voltage limit, so 315W full blast.

I was not ready for this much vapor…


What Stupid Thing did I do today ??

Well, I work nights and finish 07:30 am. I Live 4 minutes and 27 secs drive from my work.

This morning I decided to take a road that runs parallel to my office, it also runs parallel to
my route home - just to see if I could cut my commute to 4 mins and 25 or less … LOL
actually just to see where it went out of interest.

Anyway … about halfway along it said “Authorised vehicles only” I thought … hell yeah I’m
Authorised … I’m ME ! so I carried on … and ended up right in the middle of the M25
Motorway (Highway to you lot) and the first available place to turn around was over 35
minutes away … 25 minutes later it is now RUSH HOUR !!! and it takes a further 50
minutes to get home !!!



LMAOOOOO…priceless :clap:





Went to work today. That’s it.


I wouldn’t say this was stupid, but unbelievably annoying…
Was rudely awoken by the after effects of a large mug of tea before bed, as I stumbled to the toilet to empty my bladder seeing through one squinty eye and bumping into pretty much everything I stood there and as i was doing the business was just thinking 'it’s dark, it’s freezing, it’s silent, it must be like 3am, i’m so tired and cold, getting back into bed for a few more hours is going to feel amazing"
Then as I stood there washing my hands…I heard my alarm go off :weary:


Was mixing up a liter of my Captain Avesome which only has 14.5% flavoring. Glanced at the measuring cup and saw that I was at 205 ml so I dumped the mix then realized I was over cuz I had already added nicotine.