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What Stupid Thing did you do today


Well made a great perfume today as you certainly could not vape it its gross, thinking of selling to Debenhams perfumery lol.
Not sure why its tastes or smells like it does.
Anyone have a clue all I wanted was a coffee based tobacco with a bit of a twist


Possibly the honey - some can be quite floral. Give it a good steep and then try would be my newbie suggestion :+1:


Put it away for a few weeks and see if that helps, I feel both coconut and coffee need some steepingtime.


Yea I have put it to steep I’l try again in a month


Took my daughter and her friend shopping today we split up after a while I decided to go and look for them, went up the escalator and started searching the first floor of the shop starting where I had left them.

Anyway 10 mins later I found them at the top of the escalator where they had apparently waved to me and I waved back. I have absolutely no recollection of seeing or waving to them whatsoever.


The Honey bee Milk cake I made last week…Tastes AMAZING, put your face in the cloud…smells AMAZING…
outskirts of said cloud however…Badger Piss.

I’m calling it the room clearer :grin:


Any coffee I’ve tried (so far about 6 IIRC) has needed at least 4 weeks steep. A couple wanted 6 weeks.

And from all I’ve read on here about honey, bee real careful with it. It can get ugly on you quick!


I think overall it’s just too much flavor, make an unflavored base and try diluting 1/2 and 1/2 and try it.


I know by experience that a room clearer can come in handy when you’ve got M.E. So maybe this is a subtle way to handle it. :grin:


Mistakenly assumed a newbie was a troll.
/facepalm ><

Looks like my luck is just not good the last two days. First the CC nonsense… Now this.


I just spend $180.00 on flavor concentrates nic, PG & some VG
seemed like a good idea at the time and necessary to continue my DIY obsession
but… now I have buyer’s remorse lol
1x Capella Super Sweet - 1oz for $4.25 each
• 1x Capella Creamy Yogurt - 1oz for $4.25 each
• 1x FlavourArt Bilberry - 1oz for $4.50 each
• 1x Capella Sweet Strawberry - 1oz for $4.25 each
• 1x FlavourArt Fuji Apple - 1oz for $4.50 each
• 1x Flavor Apprentice Banana Cream - 2oz for $4.50 each
• 1x Flavor Apprentice Pie Crust - 2oz for $4.50 each
• 1x Flavor West Vanilla Custard - 4oz for $6.25 each
• 1x Capella Sugar Cookies V1 - 1oz for $4.25 each
• 1x Capella Cinnamon Danish Swirl V1 - 1oz for $4.25 each
• 1x FlavourArt Pear - 1oz for $4.50 each
• 1x Flavor Apprentice English Toffee - 2oz for $6.00 each
• 1x Flavor Apprentice Vanilla Swirl - 2oz for $4.50 each
• 1x Capella Vanilla Whipped Cream - 1oz for $4.25 each
• 1x Flavor Apprentice Banana Nut Bread - 2oz for $4.50 each
• 2x Flavor Apprentice Sweetener - 2oz for $7.00 each
• 1x Capella Vanilla Whipped Cream - 2oz for $7.50 each
• 1x FlavourArt Butterscotch - 1oz for $4.50 each
• 1x Flavor Apprentice DX Caramel Original - 2oz for $4.50 each
• 1x Capella Cake Batter - 1oz for $4.25 each
• 1x Flavor Apprentice Malted Milk - 2oz for $5.00 each
• 1x Flavor West Crunch Fruit Cereal - 2oz for $4.25 each
• 1x Capella Graham Cracker V1 - 1oz for $4.25



Don’t feel bad, You will have a HUGE flavor stash now, and the sales don’t start for another 16 hours. So while everyone else is placing orders for flavors that are all gone, they will be packing yours and some ppl will be cussing you for buying the store out. :smile:


Thanks Cosmic
I feel better about it.:grin:


no need for remorse.

Step1 make some great juice for yourself
Step2 make more great juice and sell between friends and family or where ever you can unload, for the amount you spend on the entire order.
Step3 repeat the above.


Think we have all been there. I know I have.


I was donating supplies to another DIYer who need a helping hand. Didn’t realize that I had given him all the VG I had. At least I noticed in time for the black Friday sales.


This will be my whole stash when everything is delivered

Boysenberry Deluxe (TPA)
Capella Cake Batter
Capella Cinnamon Danish Swirl V1
Capella Graham Cracker V1
Capella Sugar Cookies V1
Capella super sweet
Capella Sweet Strawberry
Capella Vanilla Whipped Cream
Cheesecake (Graham Crust) (TPA)
Coconut Extra Flavor
Cotton Candy (10% EM) (TPA)
Creamy Yogurt (Capella)
Dark Rum (TPA)
Dragon fruit (TPA)
DX Bavarian Cream
DX Frosted Donuts (TPA)
DX Peach (Juicy) (TPA)
DX Vanilla Cupcake (TPA)
Eggnog (TPA)
Banana Cream (TPA)
Banana Nut Bread (TPA)
DX Caramel Original (TPA)
English Toffee(TPA)
Malted Milk (TPA)
Sweetener (TPA)
Vanilla Swirl (TPA)
Crunch Fruit Cereal (FW)
Bilberry (FA)
Butterscotch (FA)
Fuji Apple (FA)
Pear (FA)
Grape Candy (TPA)
Orange Cream Bar (TPA)
Pie Crust (Flavor Apprentice)
Red Type Tobacco (TPA)
Strawberry (FB)
Swedish fish (TPA)
Sweet Cream (TPA)
Blackberry (TPA)
Blueberry (Extra) (TPA)
Dulce de Leche (TPA) French Vanilla Deluxe Flavor (TPA)
Kiwi Double Flavor (TPA)
Mango (TPA)
Pineapple Juicy (TPA)
Ripe Banana (TPA)
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (CAP)
Vanilla Custard (TPA)
Marshmallow (CAP)
Meringue (CAP)
Bubble Gum (CAP)
Red Licorice (TPA)
Funnel Cake (CAP


I haven’t done anything stupid today (yet) but earlier this week I epoxied magnets into a mod box. One of them I put in the wrong way around. This will take me hours to fix :frowning:




I need to do this shortly , what is the recommended brand /type epoxy to use for this?