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What Stupid Thing did you do today


All these flavors…And still when I search for new recipes there is a ton of flavors I don’t have it’s a never ending battle ! lol





I’ve used this Gorilla glue stuff but this is a kind of epoxy which doesn’t get completely hard, it stays a little bit rubbery. Next time I’ll try something else. If you’re happy with this then the gorilla stuff is not bad because it comes in a double syringe which can be re-sealed.


Thank you , I have some two part epoxy made by loctite in a syringe type dispenser.I may go with that and give it a try.


made some vanilla thing with banana nut bread and VBIC, cookie biscotti, GC cheesecake and Vienna cream. yowzah, smells great but I dunno how it tastes


Yeah just give it a go. Mix a little bit up and let it harden so you’ll see how it comes out. I’m not sure yet, maybe it hardens completely after a week or so. Or maybe it is no disadvantage that it stays a bit rubbery.


I have used this Loctite epoxy on several items , it works well but I wasn’t sure if there were products on the market that mod builders use specifically for bonding the magnets in.
Here is the product that I have on hand , my local Napa Auto Parts store keep it stocked .


That’s what i am using.

I don’t think there’s any specific one preferred by mod builders. Or is there, @Whiterose0818?


I bet you know from @Bad_Influence post the magnets have to be right, if you put one in upside down it repels. so put the door in place the way it goes and put the loose magnet on the door to see what way the magnet has to be glued into the other part.


I put the mags on the loose item (the door in this case) and then mark the underside (the part to be glued) with a sharpie so I know which end goes where. I’m very easily distracted and this has saved me a ton of frustration.


Right, orient the mod and the door, put the loose magnet on the magnet it mates to and see how it orients itself, carefully separate it and glue it without rotating it so when the 2 parts go together they will attract and not repel.


keep all your magnets stuck together, with a few extra attached also…drop your epoxy or super glue or whatever into your holes. Holding your stack of magnets all together in your hand, push the stack into a hole, then slide stack to one side, leaving one magnet in the hole. Do this for all 4 holes, then FLIP stack over and do the same for the remaining 4 holes. You’ll never accidentally put a magnet in the wrong way again! And yes, i have made that same mistake…thats what led to me creating a fool proof system!

@BoyHowdy this is for you also!
and for @CosmicTruth and @Lostmarbles!!


That is why you are a Jedi Master and I am merely a lowly Nerf herder.


The epoxy i see used the most is Gorilla 5 minute epoxy, Z-poxy 5 minute, and J-B weld 1 minute epoxy.
For magnets, i usually use super glue and occasionally 1 minute epoxy from J-B weld.


I’ve only had the door magnet problem 1 time with a Joyetech VTC Mini, but I had played with magnets enough when I was a kid, I knew and was extra careful with the magnet polarity when I re-glued it. I just used ATV Blue Silicone Gasket cement and It worked, but not good for your mods. I Spread glue on both the magnet and the hole where it is going to ensure a clean bond, press the magnet in place firmly and clean the excess with a paper towel.

If you use super glue wear gloves and be careful you dont glue one to your itchy nose… but thats another story.


Forgot to charge my phone. I haven’t forgotten to do that in years. And wouldn’t you know it, the one STUPID day that I forget is the one day it’s ringing off the hook.

Here’s a PSA for everyone: CHARGE YOUR PHONE. Just in case your mother gets hit by a car and everyone’s calling you. :sob:


Took advantage of Black Friday or should I say bloody got sucked into Black Friday bargains and purchased a
WISMEC Reuleaux RX2 / 3 150W / 200W TC Box Mod / Opus BT - C3100 V2.2 Li - ion Digital NiCd NiMH Battery Charger / another SMOK TFV8 BABY BEAST Tank / 8 Samsung 25R 3.7V 2500mAh 18650 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery and two battery cases for my spares all for grand total of $113.68 so about £92
Not bad price but no will power to resist buying :rage:


Well, the SMART thing you did today…was to purchase the Opus C3100…

Once you understand the basic features [and it has many advanced as well] it will pay for
itself just with the 8(eight) 25R’s you bought. It will re-condition each one [up to] 99 times each, when needed.


I love mine - only had it a week. Can I ask how long you find it takes to do the recondition @ozo? :blush:


Depends on the battery, life cycle of charges, etc.
It also depends if you watch it and not let it go into a second re-condition cycle.
Generally about 6+ hours.