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What Ya Vaping/Mixing Today (Part II)?


Hey @Suomynona i made this and after 2 weeks it is completely mute of flavour down the sweetener or ditch altogether and decrease red touch to 3-4% its the watermelon that gives it a great tast


No new mixing until all my 6 nic bottles are empty, or close to empty…

Today working on finishing 2 bottles of

Edit :


Just mixed up @Jazzy_girl’s recipe… but then I realized that I used fw hazelnut instead of fw creamy hazelnut that I had bought so that I could make it. :woman_facepalming:


The hazelnut will still work out great•!


I’ll probably mix it up as intended too, just to compare. :wink: What’s your recommended steep time on that?


I’d like to know your outcome on that also, I have Hazelnut but not the Creamy Hazelnut and wondered if I really needed it (or if I needed to devise a mixture of Hazelnut and something to make a creamy version of that ingredient).


Sure thing!


Smurf cakes. I caught the little creep on my deck singing la, la, la la la la. Stuffed him in a bottle and blended him up.


Its pretty good rite away but gets really good after about 10-14 days


@Chrispdx @woftam, or anyone that has expirience in mixing…
Weard thing happened,
When i transfered the doomed ejuice from the 30ml glass bottle into 3 10ml plastic caps, 1 day later the juice suddenly was ok.
Any explenations ? i am just trying to learn but i have no clue to why this suddenly changes…
Maybe due to venting or something ? ( i never understood why some juices need to vent and how does one know even…)



The air could have had an effect - how long has it been steeping?


45 days minimum, shaked daily.


Hmm ok i am never one to shake after it has been mixed - i also do not breath a mix (i figure it will gas off in its own time when i transfer it out of glass). Not sure why it did what it did not something i have seen before.

Good that you got the win but sorry I cannot shed much light on the why you got the win. It may have been the air that did it or it could have been that the mix just hit that point it was ready.


Ok thx for your feedback, by now it has steeped about 54 days tough.
To me that sounds like 30ml might need more time to steep.

When i did the 10ml mix it was ok on 45 days.

Learning, learning, learning … :zipper_mouth_face:


The greater the volume of the mix the more time it needs - i would have thought that 45 days on a 30ml mix would have been fine but not knowing what flavours they were it is hard to say.



Probably 45 days was just right. I’ve been mixing for 2years and never ever aired out/vented/left the cap off for any period of time. And I normally mix 15 and 30ml bottles. As a matter of fact, I’m vaping a 40ml mix I made on 1/13.


http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/2229069/Elephant# Thru this together this morning. Kinda excited about this one!


Mmmm that sounds tasty. What’s that elephant ear like? There’s no notes on it in the calculator…:thinking:


Thanks Mama! Not much is coming through yet, I’m hoping with a little steeping it will show up a little more. To me… I get a sweet fried bread from it so far.