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What Ya Vaping/Mixing Today (Part II)?


Got a little banana action going on! :banana:
I’ve been wanting to do a “dirty banana” mix for a while but just never got around to it, so today’s the day!


That looks really good. Maybe some butter rum fw too Thanks for the inspiration point. Banana butterscotch ice cream and butter rum with a drop of butter and vanilla.


Thanks! I actually had the thought of adding butter rum too but the list of flavors was already getting a little long…I bet it would fit in nicely though.


True, i made the lost but won again juice on 31/12 so it was about right, only to notice it was not vapeble…
Still figuring this out, as i let the 10ml mixes i made be4, not breathe at all…
Maybe i make the next batch in 10ml only, gonna take me a while is all :grin:


Remember trying elephants ear in the VG line as was on sale 100ml for about £5. One of the better ones really doughy bread


This was a quick ass whip up, and I ended up really enjoying it so I had to refine it a bit to get it where I liked it. Japanese Cheesecake, which has an airy, cakey texture, instead of smooth and creamy like a traditional cheesecake. It’s pretty yummy. I loves it. :yum: Have been using this for a few days now after last batch steeped. I have had to whip random things up while working on my Constant Comment Tobacco recipe.


ADV for me, delicious.


24hr steep test on these today. Tasting really good, so far. This is the best Orange vape I’ve made to date. Hoping it steeps nicely.

In the Cashew mix, I’m pushing the Cashew pretty hard to really get a feel for it. It’s a fairly delicate flavor and I want to really taste it. Both recipes taste great for only 1 day steep. Fingers crossed for the final results!



Vaping this right now. One week steep so far. Its really nice! Very smooth. This definitely isn’t the kind of ry4 that is heavy on the sweets with a little tobacco afterthought, the tobacco is the star here! The only thing I’m wanting more of is a little bit more creaminess (which might come through more with another week or two of steeping) and vanilla. I’m going to try making it again with 2% TPA French Vanilla Deluxe added. Thanks for the recipe, @Prof.Chaos!


Thanks I was afraid I may have over done it with the 2% Red Burley. I may try it with the TPA French Vanilla Deluxe too. Glad you like it so far!


Got the ripple just to try, poor lil bottle dont know what hit it w/ this


This is coming along well 4 days into a 30 Day steep. I had given up on these Peaches for a while after my early attempts. They were just weird and hard to tame. With a larger stash and a little more knowledge now, I think(hope) I got it. Feels like it’s going to steep nicely. Time will tell!


That looks tasty! I don’t have the ry4d (and based on the notes I probably won’t ever bother with it) but I’m totally gonna make that with Hangsen Ry4!


@Silhouette I’m REALLY liking this one, even though …

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Still working on vaping all my premix 6 nic juice up.

Finishing of the last bit of

Thankful new mango flavoring arrives tomorrow… this is one I like to vape in mornings or just in the mood for…


Trying something a little different today. Received Rose (SC)(real Flavors) yesterday so I thought I would put something together. If anyone has any rose recipe they would like to share, I could use some more ideas. Thank you!http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/2247890/Rose%20Petal%20Flan#


Next on my list to finish off.


Is Citrus Punch (Mt Dew) from TPA similar as the Citrus Mix from FA?


RY4D is a pretty good flavor, i regularly vape it single flavor as well as in mixes.
A little on the sweet side but very vapable.