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What Ya Vaping/Mixing Today (Part II)?



@worm1 You ARE naughty, but I like it !!!

Enjoy your anniversary !!!

I know it’s gone now, but one of my favs…


No doubt about it this recipe is pretty much done! Don’t really see any reason to alter it any further for now! If you like BB muffins then BAM :boom: here you go! :wink:


A very Happy Anniversary to you both! :tada: :smiley:


Yo @GalacticResidue! The husband is definitely enjoying your sb cream deluxe recipe! And so is a coworker of his now. Thanks for the recipe!


That’s great news! I’m glad they are enjoying it! Thanks @VapeyMama


Happy anniversary and enjoy :+1:


So i have made this one 2 times in 10ml and it was perfect, i loved it.
Stored in a plastic 10ml bottle - let it steep 45 days.


I made 2 of these on the last day of 2017. 30ml instead o
Stored in glas bottle of 30ml and steep now about 48 days.

It is not vapeble… i do not know what the hell whent wrong.

Is it the amount you have to steep longer ?
Is it the glass bottle that changes the steep way ?

shaked daily to get this is realy a bummer …

If anyone can see what i am doing wrong, plz share it , big thx !


What I can tell you is that steep time wouldn’t be noticeably different between 15ml to a 30. Their are reports of that when going to 120-500ml.

One thought is the love for a new juice. Sometimes we get so excited with something new that the remake is less satisfying.

Personally I would try removing the rf sc and add 2% Strawberry FA and up the ripe sb by 1% and remove whippped cream. :wink:


There is no RF SC in that mix it is Cap Sweet Strawberry (Reduced Flashpoint)


Lol. Apparently I can’t read. :poop::poop::poop::face_vomiting:


Thx guys :+1:

Its still quite odd, this mix is intended for a 30ml mix.
The 10ml mix was more for me to test it 1st so that i kind of cloned it right (my first bigger mix expiriences).
It was spot on.

So i mixed as it was written down originaly and came out dissapointing.
The taste kind of is there tough, but its very very harsh.
one of the 30ml’s i am using on my RDA, the other 30ml i am letting steep more, who knows right :wink:

Next one i will try follow your hints @Chrispdx & @woftam


I really feel to mix some kind of pastry with cream (no custards and absolutely nothing eggy) and a good strawberry on top.
Anyone has one of those in their favourite stashes? I’d like to know about them…

And I’ll definitely be mixing some more of

  • Kiwi (FA) 1.25%
  • Red Summer (Watermelon) (FA) 4.00%
  • Red Touch (Strawberry) (FA) 6.00%
  • Sweetener (Sucralose/Maltol) (TPA) 3.00%

My 30ml tester lasted about 2 days only.



I have been vaping this the last couple days. Have you ever made a tester, then realized, you should have made more? much more. So I made more, 120ml to be exact. Now it’s gone too… Now every thing else that is ready to vape just ain’t hitting the spot, ya know? That totally sucks. Now I have 200 ml steeping. I hope none of my testers end up being better… I mean I made 200 ml. Now I GOT to vape it.


If anyone has these flavors I would appreciate it if you would mix this up and tell me what you think. I’ve always mixed others people recipies and this is my first mix I did myself. Thanks.

HS Caramel Toffee is actually HS Caramel. I couldn’t find it on the list


Hmm… I do have hangsen caramel toffee (just got another 4oz today! :yum: ) but not their regular caramel… I have everything else though, gonna go mix it right now.


Thanks! Use that one since you have it. It really comes together in about a week. I’d really appreciate any feedback or criticism since it’s my first recipe I took the time to research and tweak as I went. HS Caramel is really light that’s why its used so high with Butterscotch Ripple to help boost it so you may need to adjust those with how you’d think they work with HS Caramel Toffee. I may order some and try that myself


Have been playing with some flavours from vape train australia this is the best mix i have made so far with there flav. SAV its supper fizzy but mellows out after a few days. Not sure if you have fizzer candy in usa but it tasts like them.


Well the finger test on this is divine! :heart_eyes: I’ll stash it away and test it next week!
And I just subbed the caramel toffee 1:1 to keep it simple. :wink:


Thank you. Let me know what you think and any criticisms you may have.