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What Ya Vaping/Mixing Today (Part II)?


In a mix I use it around 1.5-2% or I find it too overpowering, what about you?


I haven’t done a whole lot of mixes, most recipes I tried are a lot more, up to 8% :slight_smile:
I think 5 or 6% would be a good % if you want to keep it as the main flavor, probably 2 or 3 as an undertone.


I like it as an undertone, up front is a little too much for me


I’m not one for custards lol :slight_smile: that would totally kill it for me.


If you lower the VC to 2-3% and raise the RY4D to 4% it will just add a creaminess to the RY4D


Did you dilute AP crystals at 10% in PG?


No, I picked the wrong flavour name :tada:

It should be (TPA) Acetyl Pyrazine 5%, thanks for spotting that one :laughing:

Edit: @Laberythm Fixed! :smile:


Do you find the Custard to be developed after 1 week? It usually taste a bit weird this early for me.


I’m someone who can’t wait to taste my creations so I am usually vaping at least one tank 1 hour after mixing, I try to leave it as long as I can by mixing 3-4 different e-liquids or having a “SnV” but I find that my mixes become more flavourful after 5 days, ie. the flavours have that perfect balance that I’m looking for personally, might not be to everyones taste.

The VC always becomes more prominent over time as we know but I also find that if I leave it too long I lose some of the other flavours, I know what you mean about the VC though, it has a very “ripe” taste early on.

I made this one on the 25th Feb and today it tastes perfect for me, that’s 5 days, although it will get better from here.
I vape in an iJoy EXO RTA single coil 0.4 - 0.5ohm round wire between 30-50w (depends what mod) with the AFC wide open.

Other Tanks I have tried change the taste dramatically.


Not tried one from fa yet. The punch i use in this recipe

Friend says it taste just like a strawberry margarita…
steep time based of taste test done by friend 2-4 weeks

Also working on a private Mountain Dew recipe with it…


It’s all about making mixes that you like aka DIY. It looks like a pretty good mix and I was curious about it with an extended steep… (1 to 2 months). Thanx for your reply.



I really should mix up 2-3 bottles, at least one would get to that 1 month mark. :smile:

If you happen to mix it or a variation of it and get it to 1 month, I would be curious to hear your thoughts, cheers.


With VC v2 I really have to wait about 2-3 months for full steep :calendar:


It’s just the nature of some flavors. Exercising patience can be very hard to do with some mixes, but in some cases it really pays off. We all are different and like certain flavors in different stages of development. So I totally understand testing at certain points.


Ok I’ve been vaping this for the past week now at id have to say this is on of my keepers! If you like a snv its a bright tasty lemon pop in the front and blueberry partner. If its the steeped version it a blueberry top note n awesomeness. Try it out. This one is my best fruit after a year of fruit failures with blueberries!


BB is one of my favorite fruits and I have tons of bad BB mixes. I’ve noticed a lot of mixers have paired BB FW with good results. I’ll put it on my shopping list and give it a go. Thanks for sharing!

Edit: BTW… Good looking recipe


Yup. Me too. I’ll be mixing with B.B. fw this weekend. I won’t know how good it is for a month. It did seem weak based on the snif test but I’ll be mixing @fidalgo_vapes recipie along with a couple others.


its not the strongest flave but at the right percentage it is a complete BB imo , ive always had trouble tasting BB until i tried the FW let me know what you think and i hope you enjoy


Thank you and I’m def interested it what you think about it. Enjoy


Definitely one to get :wink: One of the flavors I ran out of first…