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What Ya Vaping/Mixing Today (Part II)?


I’m new to vaping and diy. I went straight for diy a month ago so here goes. I’ve been playing with fuji apple this week. This is what I came up with http://tjek.nu/r/jQ4w?token=7576c849761fea4


Your flavor choices and percentages looks really good… not bad for 1 month of DIYing! Looking forward to seeing more!


Thanks a lot. I had a lot of help from the aussie crew. The guru @woftam he taught me to mix at low % and everything since is at a new level. I had done a lot of cooking so I’ve followed basic flavour pairing.


RFSC Rose and RFSC Watermelon play nicely together. One of my first mixes was these two with some cream. My %s were whack as I was completely new to mixing, so i wont share it, but they go well together if you want to mess around with them.


Hadn’t thought about rose. I’ve used it when baking a little. I’ll give that a go, thanks.


Hand deliver by the man himself as well as a private. Thks again @therabidweasel


That was directed at @Eddiepraysforpeace from a little earlier in the thread. He was asking adviice on Rose RFSC. It’s quite good, though! :grinning:


Maybe this time it will make it to the one week test. One for me and one for friend


I posted here for the first time yesterday and was surprised by the positive feedback, thanks to those who have boosted my confidence.
This is my first time trying to make anything with chocolate. I was trying to go for the pineapple choc lumps I used to get as a kid. I only had one variety of pineapple, I have fixed that I ordered 3 others.
But here goes I’ll share again;http://tjek.nu/r/k1aq?token=732b322a7d35322
I don’t fully understand the steeping process yet. Only know that it takes patients.:wink:


Chocolate takes quite a while to really show -

Dbl choc is good but I have a few on my list that I would use before it

Inw Milk Choc Original formula (which you won’t be able to get anymore)
Molinberry Glamour Choc
Australian Milk Choc (JF)
Chocolate Truffle (JF)

@Pro_Vapes has a bangin milk chocolate base made with MF Dark Choc


Mixed up 120 ml each of…

Trying a sub of the Vanilla Classic with French Vanilla Deluxe (TPA) in this batch.
Then mixed up… Bust a Nut and added 1% of Soho as a change.
Finally a 30 ml tester of…


Done they are all in the cart now I need to make free shipping any other jf flavours you recommend.
This week I have been picking flavours that I have liked so far and getting multiples of each one. Mind you that list of flavours is growing by the second. It started as pineapple, then mango, peach, butterscotch/caramel and now chocolate.
Go the money pit called vaping. Still saving on the cigarettes I was spending $70 every 2 days.


How did the trifecta turn out with the ry4 HS? It looks great!


Wow!! Thats a huge savings! Congrats! You can get alot of flavors per month and still save. Be careful tho, its so easy to keep buying flavors too. I have to hold myself back now. My stash built up pretty fast!


I’m starting to get that, plus I never do things halves. I think I’m up to about 60 different flavours already and I have 2 orders in my cart with another 40 flavours, there’s always more with this vaping. But it’s not only the flavours, it’s the hardware as well.


Do you always mix with those high flavor %?
Looks like you’re really over-flavoring your juice (esp in a 50/50 mix). I’m sure you can get way more out of it by using a lot less and saving quite a bit of money in the process.


One of the chocolates I like (and is almost a SnV to me) is the Chocolate Glazed Doughnut from CAP. It’s not a pure chocolate though.
Another one from CAP that I like is the Milk Chocolate Toffee, again, not pure chocolate.


I really like the hardware too but for me, I mostly love mixing recipes the most! I have some ADV favorites that I keep and then mix new ones to get a good variety of vapes.
I noticed that ur a RN. So am I :slight_smile:


I’m doing night shift it’s getting towards the worst time 0400. But it gave me time to update my database of my mixes, can’t believe I made 13 different recipes this weekend. I have made 38 different mixes since 6 Feb, I’ve got the bug big time and only 3 of them I copied, I would get to 50 for the month but I’ve used all my bottles. I have been lucky only my first 2 didn’t turn out, I take a different flavour each day and it’s becoming a thing to see what I smell like each day.


Thats great! I dove in like that too! The more u can get to know the flavors the better. It helps alot to mix and get to know how they go together and what u like. My palate has changed a bit since I started n I love the variety!