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What Ya Vaping/Mixing Today (Part II)?


It’s just perfect right there. I may In The future try lowering it but last time 60 ml didn’t last me 3 days… based recipe of the actual drink recipe


The Trifecta came out very good. I haven’t been able to find out what it would be like after a few weeks steeping though (I’ve been vaping it a lot). I’m hoping since I made a larger batch I can see if it gets better with age.


Oh that great! I’m gonna mix one of those up! I’ve been on a mixing frenzy lately :).


Maybe it’s nightshift brain but I’m stumped as to what this means, I bet it’s something simple.


ADV= ALL Day Vapes
In other words they have some favorite things they like all day


Been one of those days. I can’t remember what I’m vaping. I filled it this morning, and it’s pretty good. But I have no idea what it is. :crazy_face:


I knew it was something simple I’ve been reading patient’s charts all night full of medical abbreviations, so I blame nightshift brain I have been awake now since 700 Sunday and it’s 900 Monday morning.


I got some Wonder Flavours a couple of weeks ago and decided to try one of their recipes. Fruit ain’t my normal thing but this is pretty good.


Testing flavors I got in mail this week…


I’m back again, I think that’s 3 days in a row. I know I’m a newbi but everyone’s so welcoming I have to share. I always like many different opinions this was my first mix bigger than 10ml.

Thanks to @woftam for support and advice. Adding the lemon sicily and dropping the meringue, it smells good. I’m getting a bit more confident, adding more flavours to the mix.


after a few variations trying to get the Blueberry layer to where i wanted it…i haven’t been able to put this down…this recipe was inspired by the original smurf soup by steamroom. i just love this vape its not over baring on the Blueberry the creams are smooth smooth smooth…give it a crack all you BB lovers, im sure yu will enjoy, needs a good 2 weeks in the cupboard…all feedback is welcome…oh and a massive shoutout to @woftam love yur work and thanks for yur tips with this one…


Figured I’d give spearmint a try


I’m having a @SthrnMixer day today!

This is a really delicious vape - my first time using FLV Lemonade. So yum!

And THIS next one is sooooooooo rich and creamy, divine! If you like creamy vapes, you have to mix this one up!


Thanks Lolly! I’m glad you like them. As always if you see where they could be improved I’m all ears.


Nothing like a slice if apple pie for breakfast, unless of course it’s an apple pie vape before breakfast.

Single flavor test. Not a bad way to start the morning


I honestly can’t think of anything I’d change! :heart_eyes:


I am actually vaping a version of this now. It’s very good but I was missing yellow cake. Grrrrr.

Some day @ecigexpress will get yellow cake JF in (which I know isn’t pur but would be much better)

Hats off to @SthrnMixer for this mix.


We are on it! lol


I did sub the PUR YC with this one - so also vaping a slight variant - but yes, it’s def yummo!


I’m not sure. Haven’t had Mother’s Milk in so long that I don’t trust my memory. This is not my own clone recipe. I did put my own spin on it, but it’s ideas pulled from many different clone attempts.