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What Ya Vaping/Mixing Today (Part II)?


Whipped this up last night and it is surprisingly delicious without steeping. It was originally called Tropic Thunder, but it turns out I was not the first to think that was clever! Hoping it only gets better with a steep. If not, I have one heck of a shake ‘n’ vape.


I’ve really enjoyed my apples this week, I have made multiple variations with Fuji Apple. This is my latest apple concoction.


Single flavor testing The flavor apprentice today.

Think I prefer

Only One more Apple pie flavor left to test…


I am hitting this and cant get enough. @marsh855 you would love this one if your on a apple roll.


Does the Cinnamon DS take over at that %, I’ve only mixed it once and I found it too much at 6%. But the best thing about diy is you can make it how you like it. It’s for you!
I was looking at pie crust flavours for next weeks order, I’ve only got fuji apple and I must like it I got a 30ml bottle.
This gives me ideas but @vape4dayz posted a recipe and I totally change it. I tend to add lots of bits and pieces. I have done this a lot when baking/cooking and this method has crossed over to mixing.


After a couple of days, the cinnamon settles, it just keeps getting better. But as a shake and vape its pretty strong at first.


Thx for sharing literally just placed an order with liquid barn was going to order

But $5 for a 15ml concentrate bottle - I was never mind I’ll be better off finding a clone.

Just need to order the flavors


Without going too far, this is my first spin. I’m not a fan of c danish, so I would use the biscuit and GC CC to get the cinnamon and pair the apple up with the pear to smooth it out and vanilla because it goes with this combo. This would be changed many times by the time I mixed but here it is


ohh, they have a one shot, that’s sweet.


It would be interesting to see how pear works in this, but not sure how cheesecake graham crust would be, maybe Pie Crust (FW) might work better.


The apple is still dominant in that combo and I go to CC GC a lot, you get cinnamon and a bit of cream at low % I have found if I just add about 2% to the mix it doesn’t change it to a cheesecake flavour, remembering I only have a months experience. I use a flavour pairing site that is for cooking to get ideas, it’s great you can just keep adding in the search bar as many flavours as you like, but I have been caught out being greedy.


Been working this one for a while, and it’s one I’ve found to be really good. Appreciate any feedback.


This strawberry medley is absolutely awesome! A very full and sweet perfectly rounded strawberry mix! It’s real and artificial at the same time if that makes any sense lol! Don’t be afraid to mix it up it’s great!


Today I’ve been vaping.


Had to play with my new toys.

The pumps made short work of converting the 0 nic premix into 120 ml of 6 nic . No syringe needed for measuring nic. No funnel needed for pouring… and no beaker needed for measuring premix… I think when measuring by volume pump pipettes is freaking awesome…

Edit: Only messed up 1 1oml pipette and one 25ml pipette


http://tjek.nu/r/k3dd Give me Cookie


That looks great! I noticed you didn’t leave any notes on the recipe. Have you tried it yet?


Hey thanks, I updated the notes… (a little) I’m terrible at notes sorry. It’s pretty good, like a warm cinnamon Cookie. Any suggestions are always welcome.


Those notes are great! You don’t have to get all detailed to get the idea across. I’ll have to get some Red hot and try a version of this sometime. Thanks for sharing.


Just made this @ 12nic for a friend