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What Ya Vaping/Mixing Today (Part II)?


My daughter has not put this one down since she tried it.



in the mood for something simple.


Oooops wrong thread…


Well it made me smile. Lol


Felt like experiMINTING tonight…

After latest taste test showed spearmint fully took over dropped it to .5%


If you’ve not tried this, do yourself a favor and try @core’s recipe . This stuff rocks. I’ve been vaping it as part of my regular rotation, but often find I vape it all day. It’s in my squonk bottle a good bit. Stop reading and start mixing.


@TheTinMan :point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2:


Of course I don’t have kettle corn! grrrr



I have vaped 240mls of this :smiley:


trying this one, worth the wait


Created and mixed these up an hour or so ago. Tasting good already(edit: so far;). Let the steeping commence!


This week I changed my mixing philosophy. I was getting more confident and making my recipes too complicated, up to 10 flavours and I still didn’t know what each did on their own.
Therefore a 6 pack challenge was in order, thanks to @vape4dayz for pointing it out.

I got my inspiration for this from a recipe @Jazzy_girl posted, just had to try some sherbet.


Look great!


And if I may be greedy and post another. This one is the best I’ve made in the last couple of weeks, or so I reckon. :sunglasses:
Love the change with citric acid, thanks @woftam


Mixing up 250 ml of Cupid’s Arrow @ 0 nic


Mixing up Sb Smoothie

Waiting on vg and pg to cool after heating to 140 degrees Fahrenheit… before adding flavors


Taste testing day. I made all of these on 15/03/2018.

There are many more to taste test, I have now made 75 different mixes since the 6 February. I’m now seeing the benefits in regards to balancing flavours in a mix.


Doing a batch now …


I started to comment a couple days ago when I read you and your other Aussie bud talking about the six flavor recipes…

JMHO, but I think you both would benefit even further (and would see things progress faster) if you scaled it back to 3 flavors. Balance those 3, then add a layer (one at a time) as you go, and balancing the total mix becomes way easier! :wink:

At least, that’s what helped me…

It’s very cool watching the two of you’s enthusiasm though! :grinning:


I like it 3, sounds like the number of the week. My 6 pack challenge finishes tomorrow. I’m waiting on my mag mixer, so I’m in the process of development, while I wait.
Thanks for the advice, I am definitely going to try it. I can see the benefits of dropping to 6, so 3 will even help me understand individual flavours better.:+1:
I am greedy though out of the 120 in my stash, it says I’ve used 103. :crazy_face:
Plus just about to order another 26 flavours, when does this stop, every time I order, I just find more.