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What Ya Vaping/Mixing Today (Part II)?


um i dont see yabba dabba doo lol jk


Mixed the following up about a month ago (2/25/2018).

Mystic Night
2.00% Juicy Peach (CAP)
2.00% Kilanca (Nicotine River)
2.00% Peach (SC) (Real Flavors)
1.50% Sweet Cream (FW)
0.50% Alpine Strawberry (Flavorah)
Initial testing:
As a SnV it has a slightly perfumy after taste and slight bite like unripe fruit.
1 month steep:
Peachy flavored vape, has both the skin and the flesh. While it does taste like a ripe peach it has what I would call more of a nectarine taste. Not overly sweet and coy, more like a natural fruit.


How’s that cornbread pudding? I bought a bottle of the original but haven’t vaped it yet. But I have all of those ingredients.


These were full this morning.


@Chrispdx Just mixed it, going to let it settle down first.


@fidalgo_vapes OH, you better believe it’s Yabba Dabba Do in there, but I checked and you had it set to private, so didn’t want to blow it up. …


I made a 60ml of this, and though a good few weeks or month steep would be optimal, it was still pretty good right away and a few days in. Then I lost it. Lol. Probably left it at work. Anyways, gonna mix up a 120ml tonight. Any suggestions welcome. I’m not a fan of the candy type bananas, more into real and fresh banana. I do also have fa bano, think that would help as support at an even lower % than the fr banana? Since I liked it, I might just keep it as is. But always open for you good people’s pointers.


Flavorah Banana is, imo, a good realistic banana. Also, it’s pretty strong so you could keep it @1.00% and lower.


Thanks. I’ll put that on my shopping list. Gonna guess i should put the MF one on my list too.


I stumbled on this one from @webchicken today

Really good flavor but sweet, reminds me a lot of premium juices I used to buy, straight from a SNV. I think I like this a lot :slight_smile:


Kettle Corn (TPA), does that in any way resemble Popcorn (CAP)?


Well, I can’t believe the difference the mag mixer make to the initial flavour. :star_struck:
I just pulled this off, the colour resembles 3-4 days when mixed by hand.

I’ve done something right. It has a tangy orange/passionfruit inhale and creamy vanilla exhale. :flushed:


At 4 months old this recipe is the bomb dot com. I wish I’d made more!


Looks good.


Waiting on the postman for todays delivery, then I will be making this with a few of subs.
I have found coffee and chocolate harder to crack.


Just something I’ve been playing around with.


@Suomynona Sorry mate, don’t have CAP Popcorn so I cannot compare to that.


That reads incredible man!
You’re killing me with the MF dark chocolate though… :laughing:


If anyone has these ingredients and has the time please give this a mix and tell me what you think


Unless that’s a typo, I really don’t see it having any effect.