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What Ya Vaping/Mixing Today (Part II)?


It was supposed to be 1.20%. Thanks


One drop flavours arrived today.had to test watermelon

Work in progress


Also not fully steeped but givin it a try todayhttp://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/2270638/Peanut%20butter%20pie



@daath @MysticRose @Silhouette @TheTinMan Are we inputting these as “ODF” or “One Drop Flavors” ??


“One Drop Flavors”


Blue Raspberry (One Drop Flavors)

He has it right in his recipe. The ODF Test is just what he has named the recipe for now.


People seem to be putting (Onedrop Flavors) but I think the Watermelon (One Drop Flavors) is the correct usage.


Thank you @MysticRose and @Silhouette


Been vapping Grape Rum Slush all day
Now it’s time for bed and I’m in the mood for watermelon :watermelon:… yummy :yum:


As far as I know the last I heard @Darth approved

One Drop Flavors As the vendor label for the flavors…

I only used odf in the recipe title , one to shorten the vendors name and two just to have a little fun… I know I can’t be the only one out there to figure out what else initials could possible stand for…

Watermelon (ODF test)

Stands for

Watermelon (One Drop Flavor test)

But if ya want to have a little clean fun

Watermelon (One Dumb Fart’s test)

I’ve got a few others but not as clean


@Will_G there are some people on diydownunder that would love to hear about this recipe your really giving the vta coffee a rap makes me more and more keen


I know there is a lot of Vape Train hype, the coffees fully deserve it, the sherbert is also really good as is the bubblegum.
Not totally in love with them though as the fruits arent doing it for me and was very dissappointed with the cinnamon donut (though it works with the coffee ironically) and lemon meringue tart. A
lso the honeycomb is getting loads of hype…Im missing something there with my tastebuds as no honey and very light flavour, not even great honeycomb either. None of the flavours have been bad, but quite a few dissappointing (actually the golden rum was revolting…but I think that may be a potent one I have tried far too high)
Some other good ones not being mentioned much though I have liked have been the creme caramel, pudding base & turkish delights which is very accurate though needs a little help with the jelly and sugar topping I think…I did try it with chocolate for the proper turkish delight bar in the UK but think I will try a recipe with cap jelly candy and powdered sugar as the actual turkish delight flavour is really accurate


It may well be an Aussie Honeycomb as in not bee honeycomb


That is what I thought it was meant to be. Popular bar in the UK is Cadburys Crunchie, kind of similar to your picture. All I get from it is a really really light biscuit (flavour not texture) and a knock of dark caramel. It was the first flavour I heard about so maybe I was over excited from all the raving about it or its just my tastebuds as lots of people seem to love it.


Those both sound pretty good, and I’m going to have to try the Irish cream when i have the flavours. My friend loves the Frijj milkshakes, and is trying to switch from cigarettes. Slowly getting there

So I just made my first flavours and am trying them out. Made up 2 recipes from fooling about, and mixed them up after one I was told is failsafe.
Blue Granate
is the one I tried first a d was told about. It’s pleasant, but not a flavour explosion. I had some Blu brand blueberry in another tank, and compared the 2. The DIY came off the stronger; then I mixed them a little, and it was even better. Not a clear pomegranate flavour even before adding more blueberry, just a hint that a second flavour is present. I’ll probably change it to have a dominant percentage of pomegranate

St Clement Sherbet is my first idea, and in the tank now. Really strong flavour, and I absolutely love it. I will be making lots more of this; the only juice I’ve loved previously has an orange top note, so I may simply be biased towards my fave sweet flavour.

I also mixed Cloudy with a Chance of Dragons, which I’ve yet to test in the tank. It smells really good, and the tiny bit I dabbed on my finger was how I’d want a physallis (what we call cloudberry in England) and dragon fruit mix to taste like

First time linking to recipes. Hope I did it right


The first time I’ve had real success with a biscuit recipe. I only made it on Friday, tasted it yesterday and haven’t put it down since.
The whole house was chugging on it last night.


Vaping something new to me that I adapted to RF SC back in January and am absolutely loving it, and will be mixing up another batch tomorrow I think:

Bourbon Tuscan Reserve v3
5.27% RY4 Double (TFA)
2.00% Bourbon (Real Flavors)
1.50% Acetyl Pyrazine (TFA)
1.50% Coconut (Real Flavors)
1.50% Vanilla Custard (Real Flavors)
0.60% Brown Sugar (Real Flavors)

Yummy. It should be easier to find the flavors now that I am defrosting my mini fridge and have all my flavors scattered about:

Instead of having to hunt and peck thru this mess like I normally do:


Sounds good. Sweet of you to share with your house, too


mixed up 220ml more today + 5 x 100ml other recipes and a 220ml batch of my brother’s girlfriend’s nasty western tobacco + menthol she vapes.

2 hours later and the steep cabinet is fully stocked for a while:

If I somehow manage to run out of the 1.4L+ I have on the top shelf I have 2 x 500ml stashed in the back of the bottom shelf of some old recipes all mixed together that ended up not being so great.


I’m gonna have to make my first 100ml mix, this only lasted 2 days.

Haven’t got the sour part 100%, but I haven’t gone through anything like this.