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What Ya Vaping/Mixing Today (Part II)?


Recipe is new but I’m vaping it anyway :slight_smile: Hope it’s even better after steep. And decided to rock an older rig today. No wonder I loved this stuff when it was new!


That’s a good looking tank ya got there;) lol


I can send you some if you wanty to try it out before you buy it.


Not sure if you’re joking or serious. I’ll assume you actually do think it looks like a good tank and tell you - that’s the Augvape Boreas and I’m not finding it in stock anywhere. They came out with a version 2 which I did find at Eciggity and VaporDNA. I’ve not used that one so I can’t say what it’s like. But the original is an awesome piece of vape gear.


It’s all about that vape band life


Oh I see. People are always so envious of my ELR vape bands. Unfortunately that one is not for sale :wink:


The boreas is my favorite tank ever lol that’s why I said that


Oh and subtanksupply had a couple left last time I looked for 25$, but they are selling them on eBay for 20$


Very cool info. Thanks for the thoughts!


Took me a few versions all were ok but this was the best.


@SthrnMixer Hehe, that’s OK with me, I’ll agree with ya, … errrrr, … just as soon as I can get my HANDS in it that is. :slight_smile:

^^^^^ That is some powerful stuff right there Robert, and I like powerful ^^^^^


I could say the same thing. I do get a strong caramel flavor from it too. It always reminds me of a creme caramel


Feel like mixing today

Right now mixing 250ml of tutti fruiti @ 0nic

Mixed vg & pg together then heat to 140 and letting cool to 90 before mixing in flavors


Felt like using citrus punch this night. And my tfv8 is almost empty. So adapted Baja blast to flavors I have.

Tried sharing url privately, but copy and paste on this iPad is a pain in the butt. Wish someone would add a copy to clipboard button

Edit: Scratch that it messed up the citrus… remix time


Been steeping for awhile

This juice literally brings a smile to my face as I vape it.


Mixing… not today. What I’m vaping… Swedish Oatmeal Cookies. I can’t express enuff how brilliant this mix is. I went on a 3 day tear vaping this mix last week, now again this week it’s all I want to vape. It was a toss up between this mix and Subliminal being my all time favorite, but I’m certain now that Swedish OC has won the top spot for me.


I’m going to want to taste this, but of course it’s missing a flavour … if I had everything, it was not even funny! :rofl:


@Pro_Vapes I LOVE IT when you go on a tear !!! I literally JUST received my FIRST order from DIYFS, and picked up the HV (smells stupid delicious BTW), and I SHALL be trying out this lil’ smoker. I did SF testing on the RF SC OMC and it was in the right area, but felt it needed to be “tuned up” a bit, and I think you JUST did, JUST that. Thank you for sharing this.


@Mandrax If you are purchasing flavors because of a new @Pro_Vapes recipe, you’re in good hands.


As posted earlier, I’m not mixing today, but I’ll be trying this mix over the weekend…

I’ve spent a lot of time defining accurate flavors for my palate. Not all my choices work for everyone, but it has helped me simplify mixes using flavors that’s spot on for me with a minimum flavor %.