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What Ya Vaping/Mixing Today (Part II)?


Looks very nice!


Can’t believe the flavour with totals under 5%, wouldn’t have tried that before.
I have also done an apple one with similar profile.


After what feels like 100,000 versions, I’m finally happy with this juice. If you have all the flavors try it out!! Marshmallow is the only thing that’s able to be subbed probably.


Where’s all the nurse’s you know what this meds for…:rofl::rofl:


How do I link my recipes like you guys have been? Not worked that out yet.

Trying out a couple of mint blends. I keep getting a blocked nose lately, so was relieved to see a recipe meant to help without tasting medicinal. I kept the ratios, but worked with what I have. Pretty good.
I received some Solub Arome Mint Tea with my name on it, and was keen to try it out. I was also keen to try my vanilla bean ice cream, and so a recipe was born. Both are strong flavours, and really great for unblocking. I would definitely make this again, as it would be handy to keep around. I can’t find where to get the mint tea. Can I recreate it instead?

Not mixing anything, as my bottles are all in use. I decided that it would be easier to use my 2 larger than 10ml for dispensing the pg and VG, which left me with 8 to play with. I can make more on tuesday


Just highlight and copy the link (information in the address bar at the top of your browser) and paste it in the body of the reply area where you are typing at.


Started out vaping this all day

Then tonight in the dark grabbed this bottle so now I’m vaping

And all day occasionally was hitting my other mod with 20ml of


@Sprkslfly thanks for the input Rob, will take that onboard… :):grinning::+1:



did somebody say cornbread pudding @Chrispdx, would love to see the recipe…???


I ordered the belgian waffle tpa to make that coffee cake companion. Looks great!


I highly recommend Medicine Flower Lemon for all true lemon fanatics. I’m not sure about where you live, but here it can be bought from Amazon. Yeah, it’s expensive, but the percentage of use needed in mixes is very low and the quality is unmatched IMO. It’s also got better staying power than any other lemon I’ve tried.


@SthrnMixer, can you suggest a recipe with lemon lime that you liked? I already have the flavor but I have not applied it in any recipe yet.



Looking at your recipe, I was surprised for several reasons! First, it did not include Lemon MF, so I noticed that Google mistranslated the question … lol. Second, this recipe looks very good, and certainly I will mix it, because I have all the flavors … :sweat_smile:


Yeah when you asked about lemon/lime that was the one that came to mind first. I’ve not got a ton of experience with MF Lemon yet, but what I did make with it rocks. I’ll share that too while we’re yackin’


@SthrnMixer Now I’m guessing I’m going to have to order a few more MF’s, that looks quite good. I’m seeing more and more use of the DIYFS Holy Vanilla but don’t have it. Have read the notes, but what is your take on it ? Does it compare closely to anything else ?


Thanks @SthrnMixer for sharing your revenue. I’m going to have to wait for Lemon RF, but I’m sure I’ll mix it up! :+1:


Before I tried HV, Medicine Flower Vanilla seemed in a class by itself. I honestly thought I’d always keep MF Vanilla on hand. HV easily dispensed with that thought.

It’s rich and deep without being cloying and has no off notes period. ELR community doesn’t appear to agree with me if you check out the flavor notes - not on taste or percentage to use. BTW I use it 0.5 - 1.5%. :slight_smile:


This is one of the recipes in which I use the DIYFS Holy Vanilla, replacing Vanilla Swirl, and I can say that it is a very nice recipe… :wink: