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What Ya Vaping/Mixing Today (Part II)?


I just registered on their website and filled out a contact form, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

Any idea if these are based in Alcohol, PG or VG? I’m guessing PG, but I need to know before I try anything. No info on their site.


if a contact form doesn’t work, there are usually general email addresses you can try, e.g. sales@flavorphoenix.com, info@…, admin@…, support@…, etc

It’s not a guarantee that they work, but it’s always worth a shot :wink:
Alternatively, you can look for them on twitter, fb, etc


I’m fairly certain they are pg based flavors.



Question about the nic to be used inside the mixes;
I am using nic that has been added in a 20/80 PG/VG sollution, i am not sure and its not alot but might this mute the flavour at some point?

(my base for example i changed out to 30/70 PG/VG to test this out)


Whether you buy a pre-mixed nicotine base or you add the ingredients separately… it won’t have an effect on your final flavor. The only thing different is that you adjust the preferences on the ELR calculator and everything will be calculated for you so you reach your desired vg/pg ratio.


Exactly, but lets say like you probably already know in our country, when you buy a finished product that is more then 10ml, lets say 60 like most, they all come with 0% nic, so when you add pure nic or pg/vg based nic, will that be the same flavor for when you buy the one 10ml with 3% nic ?

I fnd this to be untrue in case of the PG/VG based nic however i have no idea with the pure nic additive.


Oh ok, I get what you say now. It’s been a while since I’ve bought those zero fills…
I would think that the manufacturers of zero fills would adjust their flavoring a little bit, but it’s always going to make a difference whether you make it a 3mg or a 6mg as well.
Shouldn’t completely mute a juice though… and it helps if you take stronger nic than the 18 or 20mg they sell in the shops.


Thx , ill try and research a bit on this one :wink:


this looks very good , im honestly scared of the RFSC cheesecake though .How long did you steep this ?


@Suomynona & @netweight my Wife has made Apple Butter from scratch for 45 yrs. and it is GOOD! This recipe doesn’t really look like it would necessarily work, but, it’s spot on ! Give it 3 or 4 days to come together, I’m sure you will like it.


the recipe is private


Sorry, here you go.


Thanks! Will check it out. May have to use flv cupcake batter and will have to cop the rf apple pie. Ok, cool.


Tastes just like sugary corn flakes :yum:


Looks good man. I see a lot of recipes with AP, I guess I need to get it someday.


Wow, you got every weird top notch flavors but no AP? What’s wrong with you :wink: go get it lol.


Ha, apparently not “every”!


Delicious evening vape with some coffee


Still out of 30ml bottles till tomorrow. So ain’t felt like mixing for myself,
but made these for a friend.