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What Ya Vaping/Mixing Today (Part II)?


Made this without the AP

And with 3% Biscuit (JF) vs 1.50% Biscuit (INW)

and… OMG! Great Base or Alone

EDIT: The more I Vape this thinking about bases. If you have a good honey and pistachio. I totally see this turning into an excellent Baklava


I appreciate your work on this Wade!
You may or may not remember that this is one of the DIY creations that is still on my “bucket list”. lol

Of course I’m missing at least half of these…
/shakes fist and chuckles

Newbie with questions

Definitely going to try this am just missing the 2nd Graham cracker V1 (Cap)…I wonder if I could leave it out & maybe up the 1st Graham cracker clear (TPA) ? Also my marshmallow is Silverline (Cap) whipped marshmallow I think that it will still work as well maybe up it to .8% maybe? I have written this recipe out by hand as it comes up as a private recipe when I click on it but I figure it wouldn’t be here for me to see if it wasn’t to be shared! Will get to making this on my next mixing session. Was up till the early hours mixing last night to make shake & vape Strawberry icecream by Joe & Joe & made my 1st completely original recipe ’ Very vanilla with lemon cream ’ inspired by my time managing a bakery. Going to see what a week of steeping does. My Salted caramel custard my way’


I had started writing a reply & bumped the back button so don’t know what happened to what I wrote? Basically I said that I wrote this recipe out by hand as clicking on it said it was private but I figured it was on here so ok to copy? Going to mix it next mixing session. Was up till the early hours mixing last night. So after a week of steeping my ‘Salted caramel custard my way’ I’m going to try it out tonight as I’ve never made it before I’m not sure how much time it needs to taste good but being a custard I figured at least a week. Happy with myself for not touching any of my steeping mixes & that’s thanks to having a shake & vape ‘strawberry icecream’ by Joe and Joe that I adapted. Still going on the 1st 30mls of it I made on 29of October '18. Only dregs left in the bottom of the bottle & a half full NRG 5ml tank Earlier in the week I was still stuck on my ‘custard Pavlova Cheesecake’ recipe so all week between that & the shake & vape. I made a 60mls batch of the ‘Strawberry icecream’ last night & also made my 1st completely original recipe ‘Very vanilla with lemon cream’ inspired by my time managing a bakery. Will give that a week & am dying to see if it it’s a pass or fail! So will let everyone know what the ‘Salted caramel custard my way’ after 1 week tastes like later on tonight.


Well I found out what happened to my 1st post on this topic went…it’s here so sorry for the double up of info guys! Lol


Wow I just smelt my ’ Salted caramel custard my way’ recipe after 1 week’s steep & it smells just like my favourite premium eliquid Salted caramel custard by Leviathan which is exactly what I was going for, so if it tastes like it smells I may have made a clone! So happy with excitement!


I need a label maker so badly. I’m stuck using Sharpies to write on my glass bottles! I went to buy 1 second hand and the guy talked me out of it & said I should go buy a brand new 1! Funny for someone selling something to not sell to me lol!


Replying to “anonxxxxxxxxx” accounts won’t get you an answer from those people, these are deleted or suspended accounts.
I can’t say too much about your adaptation but you should be good with the substitutions if you get the right %. I’m more worried about the 3% sweet strawberry… to me, that’s a flavor that needs a lot of support from other SBs. This one fades in a couple days and I’m not convinced much will remain after a proper steep for this juice… but hey, taste is subjective :slight_smile:

What I actually meant to say was, you can share private recipes!

There are actually a few options here:
Click on the wrench and select Copy as … (and paste the result here) or Share URL privately (then copy the created link at the bottom of the recipe and paste here)


Masking/painter tape. Much easier than writing on glass.


I recycle the invoices of my concentrates, write/cut and use sticky tape. Masking tape isn’t sticky enough for me.
See images above


Vaping and mixing more of this today, some people will need to lower blackberry a little but I have trouble tasting it even as a single flavor.


Thanks I won’t be writing recipes out by hand again!


I like that idea, will give it a go!


Thanks @SuperFrog


I have to blind taste test stuff so I just put numbers on my bottles and cross-reference a recipe in a text file on de puter.

Im so suggest-able if you you told me I was vapeing Tuna Fish… I would taste Tuna Fish! :scream:


‘Salted caramel custard my way’
I’ve been trying to work out how to copy my recipe & show it here but can’t seem to get it to copy.
Anyway I’ve got the Salted caramel custard my way’ in my tank now & it smells so good but the salt is relly coming through a bit strong so I’m going to add some of the Stevia & monk fruit natural sweetener that I’ve mixed in VG to the recipe to see if I can balance the salt & sweet. Will start low like .2%


Wow maybe I should try blind testing, the mind is a powerful thing & very open to suggestions!


Taking a break from the load of SF tests, back to the 2 week steep S’more break again …


Yes the mind is powerful. Here’s your recipe i think

just copy the URL and paste it. give it a try


No my recipe is ’ Salted caramel custard my way’ exactly that title