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What Ya Vaping/Mixing Today (Part II)?


Here, I have my flavors on an excel sheet, and in the cloud, so when the time of purchase, I sometimes consult, not to buy flavors that I already have :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Stumbled over a guanabana (flv) aroma in my stash, and wanted something fruity / tropical to take me away from the -14C outside (Norway).

And now for the initial steep…


Mixed up

@VapeyMama’s I Scream in French (now private :grimacing:)

And a load of Purilum SFT’s :grin:


Absolutely no idea why the first one is über massive :rofl:


The massive one is probably the fighter of the two :smiley:

Will have to update my orders to try them both out, as they both looked great.


My @lolly what a big one box you have there


I’m blaming @SthrnMixer…it’s his recipe :rofl::tada:


Well I did say it’s in my top three fave creations, so I guess that makes it a stand out. Get it? Stand out?

You’re right. I haven’t had any caffeine yet :laughing:

I hope you like it! If you see where it can be improved please let me know.


Just finished mixing up 50ml of:
and 30 ml each of:
Shroom’s OMG Sauce
Shroom’s Awesome Sauce 2 (changed up the RY4 a bit in it from the original)


a Failed attempt to make Medusa Juice turned into "Tail of the Dragon"

Please Rate It, and give advise
might need some more flavors, hmm
it is good as of right now, has to be better in 30 days


Today was cooking day, and obligatorily, my ADV juice. :yum:
This is simply the best recipe I have ever tasted, and I have tried a few …

As I searched a lot for a good strawberry recipe, here is my Favorite.

and necessarily, my favorite coffee vape.
Thank you to the creators! :+1:


Totally thought that was public. Lol
Now it is!


Maybe WIP not sure yet, but the first 5ml test I really like them.


but wheres the recipe?



Not ready for release yet.

Needs caffeine And carbonization(I think this is the word I’m looking for)

But so far tastes pretty good.

Edit : and maybe sweetener


:frowning: sadly, cabonization will not be found, as a mt dew junkie, I have walked the mountain train and the dew trail, longing for the citrus punch/slap on mine eyes.
Long have I pondered the cryptic talk of mixers about war and valor, of lime and lemon,
It takes there now, that we 300 must huddle and mix a mountain dew recipe, unlike anything this community has seen before.

my favorite green dew recipes

honorable mention


Well only thing I can say is

ya got to

Want it to taste like I opened a Mountain Dew and poured it directly into my vape. May takes lots of research and several test tube racks , but I’ll get it exactly we’re i want it. Eventually …

Edit: going to mail my sister a bottle once I’m done for final taste test… she only drinks Mountain Dew.


if you ever want to compare notes, I’ve used everything except for the dew from liquid barn

Sweet and tart
Italian lemon
Ethyl maltol
usa cola pleasure
key lime
citrus punch tpa
haven’t tried Citrus punch II
super sweet at 1.5% sweetner
citrus mix (FA)
lemon lime (cap)
ecto cooler
… I think the highest % I’ve used Citrus punch at is 12%, but i’m mixing one now at 15% with 1.5% sweetner
at best, it’ll just be the soda syrup of mt dew, the carbonization cannot truly be replicated sadly


sour (lb)
sweetener (lb) @ 2.5% still not sweet enough

V2a increase sweetener
V 2b decrease citrus
V2c - e add a flavor enhancer to v1 and v2a v2b
V2f - k adjust flavor enhancer %

Going to need a couple test tube racks. Just to get the syrup part just right…

Edit: and lots and lots of Mountain Dew to drink while testing