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What Ya Vaping/Mixing Today (Part II)?


Not sure about WS-23, but koolada is tasteless. Just ads a cooling effect. I think it is the same for Polar Blast and WS-23, but I may be wrong.

Extreme Ice along with menthol seems to give a nice icy taste from start to finish.


Koolada for some people is tasteless in a mix. For others, like me, do taste it. It’s not a bad thing but add a slight odd note. I’ve personally switched to polar blast which is slightly different.


I had no idea people could taste it. Thanks for the heads up.


I taste it too…haven’t got round to trying other sorts of coolants in case they have the same twang to them.


You just don’t like chill shit. :wink:


I like cold vapors, especially in lemonades.
The first time I used koolada at 1%, I did not like the feeling, but now when I want to give the refreshing effect, I use 2% WS-23 30%, I do not want anything else. :piscadela:


Thanks for the tip. I have created a clone request at:

if you want to chime in.

They are pretty nice and simple juices that have worked with pretty much any kit I could throw at them from Berserker MTL rta, aspire k1 bvc, Aspire EXO and OBS engine and my emergency pockeX, and they work well everywhere,.


@SuperFrog if it’s ice with no off taste or menthol taste, just straight up ice the FA Polar Blast is your go to!
Excellent cooler but go easy on it as it is strong!



Today I’m vaping @VapeyMama’s …

…after a two week steep, and its delicious! I was concerned it might be a bit too apple heavy (not a massive apple fan), but the balance of apple to berries is perfect (for my tastes)!

It’s adapted from @mikelej14’s

It's not Rocket Science

I’m thinking you probably already know… But, there’s a HUGE gap between what those particular flavors actually taste like.



time to reduce my nic again , but got a lot of 6 nic to vape up…

Today I’m killing 30ml of


With koolada, I get three things:
An odd, unpleasant off taste.
A cooling sensation.
A hint of mint/menthol (not sure which, as the off taste was so strong/off-putting to me that I knew I wasn’t going to be using it at all in the future.)

With the above in mind, @BathVaper was kind enough to inform me that Polar Blast FA does in fact have koolada as one of its constituent components in the post here:

Just FWIW :slight_smile:


Just mixing up a few little valentine’s mixes today…


Raging VD right up my alley , love fruits and cream , the VD does stand for Valentine Day ??? not VD rated r lmao


Of course… :smirk:


Strangely though I get no menthol taste from it?
I do from koolada, only very slightly mind you.


Today is mine and my wife’s 20th anniversary. We’re in Orlando reliving our youth at Disney World and Universal Studios. I miss my vape fam but I did bring one of you with me…


I LOVE Universal !!! Happy Anniversary. BTW, what is Custacco ???