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What Ya Vaping / Mixing Today?


Good to know!

Awesome! Thanks for trying it out, I’m glad you enjoyed it! :+1:


Vaping this delicious concoction by @Iumentum.

Based on how much I love this and because I want to find something good to do with Pink Panther, I tried a few different combos all inspired by this magical elixir! These are the two I mixed yesterday. The smell and finger tests are really promising but I’m letting them sit for a few days. Still private until I know how they turn out. Try at your own discretion.

Black Forest Creatures

Ingredient %
Blackberry (TPA) 2.5
Dragonfruit (TPA) 4.5
Forest Mix (Forest Fruit) (FA) 2.5
Marshmallow (Flavorah) 1
Pink Panther (INAWERA) 1.5
Sweet Cream (CAP) 3

Flavor total: 15%

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Forest Panther Cream

Ingredient %
Dragonfruit (TPA) 5
Forest Mix (Forest Fruit) (FA) 3
Pink Panther (INAWERA) 1.5
Sweet Cream (CAP) 3
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (CAP) 1

Flavor total: 13.5%

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Then, there’s this I’ve been meaning to mix for a while now. It smells like cool breeze on a warm beach! Still untested.

Sangria Colada

Ingredient %
Blood Orange (SC) (Real Flavors) 0.5
Coconut (SC) (Real Flavors) 0.5
Pineapple (SC) (Real Flavors) 0.5
Sangria (SC) (Real Flavors) 1.5

Flavor total: 3%

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Great to see you got to it @Mizzz_Z_Hobbit


I like that the name of the mix is S.C.!!!


I never even noticed that. I’m vaping a little right now and it’s really nice but I’ll let it steep a bit more. I’d like it to have a stronger citrus note.


This is the first one I tried and the citrus came out pretty good. Think I gave it 2-3 weeks.

And I can’t thank you enough for recommending Sangria. It’s become one of my favorites.


That’s brilliant! It also might be the coconut mellowing the sharper notes out. I’ll try yours next! Thanks so much!


Whipped up another batch of my Simply Bangin Banana Pudding today, I can’t get tired of it. It’s luscious and I know it’s been done so much, but I finally have a banana blend that doesn’t overload the senses or taste like Runts. Perfect while waiting for my Reese’s Tobacco Cup to steep.


I just tried this today and it’s exactly what I wanted. I let it steep almost a month and would recommend giving this one at least 2 weeks. It’s not bad S&V but it’s amazing if you let it sit! Enjoy :smile:


I drooled a little reading that. :slight_smile:


Looks yummy! Thank you for sharing. Saved, will probably sub boysenberry or something as I don’t like the straw/rhubarb. mmmmmmm


That sounds like a great idea. I really didn’t care for the Boysenberry that much. I’ll have to give it a try though to see if it might change my view in a mix like this.


I’m thinking the boysenberry jam, it has that cooked flavor. Might make it with no fruit, just a cream cheese danish… it looks like a great base!


I found a 6 month old bottle of this today, and OMG is it hitting my sweet spot! Might have to make another bottle and lose it :wink:

Cocobutter Complexity :

2% Almond (FA)
1% Bavarian Cream (TPA)
4% Butterscotch (FW)
2% Coconut (FA)
1.5% Graham Cracker (Clear) (TPA)
2% Marshmallow (FA)
1.5% Vienna Cream (FA)

Flavor total: 14%


I swear that’s the best way to steep!!


@VapeyMama handbag steep method (patent pending)


Wow @SthrnMixer this is awesome straight off the mixer and tasty as. Thanks for the push - i will get back to it in a few days (it is super bright atm but super nice).

GF Yourself (SthrnMixer Original)

Ingredient %
Cantaloupe (Flavorah) 2
Catalan Cream (FA) 2
Grapefruit (FA) 3
Meringue (FA) 1

Flavor total: 8%

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I’ve been wanting to make this for months! I still don’t have flavorah cantaloupe… I should go stick it in my cart. Thanks for the reminder, @woftam!


Yes you need this


Cantaloupe is in the cart now!!