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What Ya Vaping / Mixing Today?


Snv? What’s that?


Shake n’ vape :blush:


Oh duh… :grin::no_mouth:


Its ok, lots of acronyms to learn!


Stepford Wife. That looks really tasty! Well, she used to when she was younger. ba dum dum! :laughing: Seriously, good looking mix.

I’ve been working on my Queens line with 2 of 4 finished. My hope was to have the other 2 released by now. I just can’t seem to find what I’m looking for with them, but the hunt continues.

I plan on making 4 Kings juices as well. The first is steeping now. SnV shows promise -

King's Biscuit (SthrnMixer Original)

Ingredient %
Biscuit (INAWERA) 1
Country Apple (Purilum) 3.5
Marshmallow (Flavorah) 1
Red Apple (MF) 0.7
Strawberry Biscuit (Purilum) 3.5
Sugar Cookie (CAP) 3.5

Flavor total: 13.2%

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I’m counting on that Strawberry Biscuit to settle down some which I believe it does at about 2 weeks. If it goes like I think it will, this should be the only version I have to mess with. Comments and criticisms always welcome though!


Band new today. Untested


Also brand new today, untested


Remix of a failed recipe


Haha yeah she went downhill a bit… :laughing:

Thanks, hopefully its as good as it looks. Like I said, I’ve tried this combo of flavors for the most part. Just needed to put it all together in a recipe! I went ahead and made 95ml since I’m pretty sure I’ll like it (knocks on wood).


@SensesTaker, concerning your CremLem Stroda, I have the mix below that was a second attempt and it turned out very nice. Maybe these flavors will help you get an idea of how I used the strawberry-lemonade combination to arrive at my own sweet spot -


You went really light on the lemonade. I wonder if i over shot the lemonade in mine. Instead of sweetener i could use marshmallow for a sweet flavor…


Aaaaand now I’m out of nicotine juice, so until i get more ill have to be patient and test the stuff I’ve already mixed. That little bottle only made about 250ml of juice. Guess I’ll get the bigger size next time.


I like doing “lines” too (you know what I mean…lol). I’ve got my “Geography line”, based on @InsigmaTheory’s Geography - French Quarter clone. So its not all mine, but I’ve been fruiting that recipe up and the results have been great. So far I have a strawberry and a lemon version, boysenberry was a flop, and I mixed up a cherry version today.


Since I don’t have that brand I couldn’t tell you. All I know is the FLV Lemonade is a fairly dominant flavor in a mix. My first attempt was decent - @Steampugs really seemed to like it. But the second version IMO is 10x better as I reduced that lemonade in half.


Yeah my blood orange mimosa combo will be better than my peach champagne , i think seems getting the base fruit right is part of the challenge


If you want a really nice champagne vape, I highly recommend trying this:

I personally like it with the apple and peach at 2.5% each. The vienna cream adds a nice mouth feel without making it taste creamy.


Naughty Girl has upped her game… with butter! I dropped the butter rum down just a touch which smooths it all out, and added another triangle with some fa butter (oh lordy I love that flavor!). I mixed this yesterday, and am vaping it right now. I need to hide the bottle in my purse so it can steep now. :laughing:


Thanks! I dont have many creams, so ill add one to my cart next time.


Fa cream fresh is a really good one for adding a non-creamy body to fruits. I like it at 1.5% with 1% tpa marshmallow to round out fruits.


Ok. I’ll give it a try. Only cream type I’ve used is tge cream soda, but that’s a bit unique. I own marshmallow