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What Ya Vaping / Mixing Today?


I will most certainly pick those up!


I agree, this is why i was working with Sweet Potato (Amoretti) instead of pumpkin from other vendors. Not the same of course but i just couldnt find a pumpkin that i liked, SP tastes very natural and even has some earthy notes. It is well suited to build on.

I just want a plain, lightly sweet pumpkin that is creamy and full of diketones. Anyone tried this?


If you have ever tried Entenmanns pumpkin spice donuts when they are out in the fall you will love flv pumpkin spice. I distribute entenmanns in my area and that’s the only donut that I will eat 1 of every year! I hate donuts btw! Its seriously is the only perfect pumpkin spice flavor I have tried.

I worked with the pumpkin roll a little but but could definitely work on it a little more. I can say that the taste is really good and it would works great with frosting flv and I could see being used with some cream cheese Icing or cream cheese Danish pur. Man! Now I’m going to have to try this when I get time!


I havent but you can be sure ill be on the lookout for them!


Still workin’ on the boring S’mores…

Campfire Outdoors and S'mores 3a

Ingredient %
Graham Cracker (Clear) (TPA) 4
Hazelnut (FW) 2
Marshmallow (TPA) 8
Milk Chocolate (Old Formula) (INAWERA) 4
Sweetener (Sucralose) (TPA) 0.75
Toasted Marshmallow (TPA) 2

Flavor total: 20.75%

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Thank you for the advice! I definitely can use it! I have a sample bottle of pumpkin spice mixed at 4% :hushed: Hopefully, though, I will be able to see if I taste any pumpkin. As for the CCI, I am going to vape it a bit more and mess around with the % that works. Our flavor total %s are almost exactly the same!!


I LOVE pumpkin roll!


Hmmm. Guess no one has been mixing since their are no new posts. Welp…I got cracking this morning. Mixed up 34 different recipies by the time everything was said and done. I did the math…took only 7.5 minutes per bottle…from the time I got up to the time the last supply was put away. This does include 2 voops, quick lunch, vape breaks, and shaking up each bottle.

Flavor concentrates (new to the stash) I was most excited to mix with…shisha orange inw, spearmint flv, quince tpa.


@Chrispdx i have not been mixing , but today decided to try a old favorite with only MF flaves


had to switch to RFSC strawberry because im out of MF , im hoping this will meld into a descent tasting dewberry cream we will see V1 just mixed today , WIP


I actually vaped the original Mixx again today. Wow did it mellow out. I still think champagne is too… sharp and the peach faded. Im excited to vape the 2nd version now. I think it’s been 5 wks of steep for original.


I love your organization


As you can see I ran out of space in the cases. Lol. There’s two more not in the photo. But organized I am. Creams to custards to fruits to more fruits to odds and ends then tester flavors.


what brand are those boxes?


I got them at harbor freight and tools. Like 5 dollars each. I looked at everything homedepot had to offer and randomly went into harbor freight and was like yeah way cheaper and not as deep.

Really what I was going for was a quick setup and clean up. I pull straight from the containers. I used to pull every bottle out and set up a mixing station but when I got to 100 flavors it was taking tooooo much time. Now with 200+ it takes 5 mins and everything is order.


A few that i mixed up today:

With these first time im trying to replicate some items from one of our favorite places on the planet, The Jam Pot. It is a tiny little place neat Eagle Harbor in the Keweenaw Peninsula, MI. The products are made by monks and are overly decadent!

First up:

This is a first mix based on my favorite muffin.


First mix based on my wifes favorite cookie. It is basically a large sugar cookie with an almond in the middle and tiny bits of almond throughout.

Some random stuff im working on:

My favorite cough crops, Ludens Licorice Honey.

Not V4million + but it feels like it.

Yog, mmm.

Found this on a dessert site and now i need to vape it.

These are all early WIPs and will probably be altered. Happy mixing!


This is probably going to suck as it came to me after i finished shutting off my brain cell. It doesnt smell too bad…

And today im vaping this:

Happy mixing, folks!


I used up the last of my FA Butter Pecan while mixing this last night.

Out of all the butter pecan recipes that I’ve tested, this is the one that the misses has declared a winner.

And I am currently vaping the last of Alisa’s Bust A Nut.

Which I can’t make more of because of mixing the Margarine Pecan’t!!!:persevere::persevere::persevere:
Planning ahead is difficult sometimes.

I’ll have to order bigger bottles of Butter Pecan and Hazelnut. I’m also low on Nic and PG. I guess it’s worth it to buy some larger bottles while I’m at it. These 30mL bottles just aren’t lasting long enough anymore :sweat_smile:

Buying 10mL bottles of flavoring and 30mL for mixes for testing purposes was nice, but now that They’re running out I’m feeling the pain in my wallet with the larger purchases.

At least now I know that what I’m buying is well worth the investment, and will last a good while.


You can find the boxes that @Chrispdx has here:

In all honesty I’m not sure what the difference between the two are. From the picture it looks like they’re exactly the same thing–same description, same dimensions, same colors, etc. The only difference is the very small difference in shipping weight (0.1 lbs).


Playing with this one this morning should come out pretty nice I think the taste test on the mixer is yum. Thanks @VapeyMama for the start out idea.

Dirt Track

Ingredient %
Butterscotch (FA) 1.5
Caramel (FA) 1.5
Marzi Malone (FA) 1.4
Rocky Road Ice Cream (SC) (Real Flavors) 1.6

Flavor total: 6%

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Probably the same but in store they had two different ones. One with bigger slots and one with some more smaller ones.

10ml flavors fit good in the 1x2 everything else needs the bigger ones to fit the small capella bottles and 30mls.