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What Ya Vaping / Mixing Today?



Just signed up last night…but how do I find you guys on there? Don’t know how to use it yet :frowning:


u can access thru recipe side, at top chat (text/voice)



Thanks to @Cutlass92 and @R113 I had a few magical bottles show up at my house today, and will have to dive into these. Thanks out to both of you (and Mrs. Cutlass) for the gifts. I couldn’t decide, and closed my eyes and grabbed one, and …

… was it. I topped all of them off with 3mg NIC as I feel I get a better sense WITH NIC than without. Wow Russell, this one’s a winner winner chicken dinner.


Well now I need to mix that up!


I agree. He sent me some as well, it was yummy! I blew through it…love boysenberry and ice cream. And he blended this one perfectly :slight_smile:


I mixed this up yesterday. Its just a super simple French vanilla ice cream. After just a day it tastes really good, so I’m gonna have to make another bottle to stash away to steep.


It tastes very close to your boysenberry Boston cream pie. We must be living at the same place to make something so similar


Lol…very true, and I have the flavors to make mine. Still really good though. Not sure how, but it’s th first recipe I’ve had with INW Biscuit that I’ve been able to vape. Tried it in a bunch of things from .15-1% and all I got was sand. Starting to wonder if my biscuit was bad. But I’M NOT BUYING ANY MORE FLAVORS!!


Nothin worse than a bad biscuit


@MysticRose Hehe, I’ve heard that before …


Just mixed this highly rated recipe from @Beaufort_Batches

I had to replace Tiramisu and Strawberry Shisha with Booster and Sweet Strawberry … smelling really good! Never thought I’d say that about a strawberry coffee.


Try it today, it will be good even un-steeped.


Ah, what do you think I’m doing? lol I always try it as a shake and vape :slight_smile:
I’m sure it’ll get better but it’s very nice as is. Thanks for the recipe, even though I didn’t use it exactly the same, it’s very good.


Ahhh, and yes it gets richer as time passes, if it lasts long enough.:wink:


Oooh will have to mix this up - just need to sub the Ina Tiramisu with FA Booster. Looks yummy @Beaufort_Batches :yum:


It is, I can recommend it :slight_smile:


Damn this stuff is addictive!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You better make more than a 30ml of this stuff!