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What Ya Vaping / Mixing Today?


Hey Pap
I really like it alot. Its nothing like INW biscuit at all. Its more like a sweet butter biscuit


@Brunkezz Nicoboost is little nicotine bottles ?


Oh GREAT, now I have to order it ! Just kidding, was going to anyway. It sounds re all good !!


That’s funny, i came back today to tell everyone they NEED to try this killer recipe if they haven’t already! And u happen to be in here doing the same thing I’m about to do :blush: This recipe is bangin, even premature, give it a whirl! If u can imagine a time where u regretted doing something more than ever, this couldn’t be further from that!


Possibly something like this?


Going to play around with some of the new FLV flavorings:

This one isnt named because im not sure where ill take it yet, parfait, yogurt or something else entirely. This is a first attempt using Apricot FLV:

I know where i am going with this one but unsure exactly how to get there without using Pie Crust TPA, im using wheat for a more traditional type crust:

Happy mixing!


I have been chasing a good Butter Pecan mix for awhile. I have silver line Butter Pecan and WF Butter Pecan Pie on the way in my next order. I have FW right now and haven’t hit the mark with it yet. I have one steeping now, but after looking at the recipe again. I not to confident. Pretty sure I went way off the rails with to many flavors. Still learning, the hard way.


Butter Pecan (Purilum) Is pretty good.


Good to know. I will have to get it. Drip Wich Pecan Caramel got me hooked on this search. Determined or maybe obsessed with finding something similar.


The cap silver line is really good, it was tasty even as a shake n vape. The (PUR) butter pecan is really great too. That one steeps out fantastic! I haven’t steeped the SL butter pec. Yet so I’m not sure how that is in the long run yet buy it seems promising so far


A Raspberry Cream Pipe with a limitless RDTA .9 ohm and cranking the clouds.



Oh thats really great to see you mixed up my recipe! I hope u enjoy it. Let me know how you like it and thanks for giving it a try.


Tonight mixing session includes:

This one im just playing with flavor combos.


The second is one of the Creme Patissiere mixes but slightly altered. I love a dark, rich custard but this one just doesnt fit in that series.

And im vaping some Strawnana and Sugar Rush (My way).

Thanks to @TheTinMan1 for helping me with my naming issues, the issue is i suck at it…

Happy mixing!


Working on Fall recipes I needed something new as I was getting a little burned out on a few of my ADVs. it is very candy tasty and I feel it will get better with age…as I have.:drum:Ba dum dum.


Omg I was just thinking that I needed to make a TM inspired, cow titled mix!! :laughing: :cow:


There is always room for more, cows are heard animals, hehe.

EDIT: i really need to start proof reading while typing in the dark, ffs…


Today I am vaping @kreed Kreed Kustard :wink:


I just mixed up a batch of Thin Mint and Peach Tea. Also made a small bottle of what I hope will be an apple cider. And I got a batch of Fried Banana steeping, but I mixed that up a few days ago.

After my vacation I plan on playing around with tobaccos for the first time. Anyone got any tips?


I’d be very interested in hearing more about the apple cider!