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What Ya Vaping / Mixing Today?


@Grubby ive done something similar to this

couldnt tolerate the CC @2% be interested to see how yours turned out GL with it :+1:


I’ve got a cold so I have no idea how this tastes… :confused:


At least it doesn’t taste bad…right? :wink:


without wishing to hijack this , for me the Cotton candy went bad after around 3 months:roll_eyes: it kinda took over. From week 4 to week 8 it was working@1.5%(maybe 1% is enough idk) Ok the sweety element of it then it got a tad too overpowering to the point thats all u could taste :slight_smile:


As to what im vaping right now apart from what i posted a while bk the “whole meal biccy” vape im really getting into Mom&Pops Callipitter Chow as a standalone mixed@15%. Im sure lots has been said about this conc. I still cant define the flavour properly this is what i left on Chefs flavours as a review
"salty?nutty?malomary?/biscuity? i dunno what it is maybe all of them. Its hard to pinpoint but i know you have to try this and you wont be dissapointed. I made few samples from 10-20% and settled on 15 with a few weeks steep. 20% was ok but the flavour from lower 15% and a steep and all the unique flavours have time to get to know each other and get on much better. So what you waiting for go buy some!! you wont be disappointed"


Tonite ill be mixing a Peanut Butter Custard not sure what im going to use but something like this

Pb tpa 4
PB cap 3
nut mix fa .5
VCV1 cap 4
milk and honey FLV .5 to 1

11.5. to 12.5 pct thats what running through my head this moment


@fidalgo_vapes, OK, it’s official, now I’m HUNGRY !!!

I’ve had M&H for 6 months, and haven’t even mixed with it yet. Maybe NOW, I’ll get motivated.


ive never mixed it as the main profile whe. i have i didnt like it so much but i think i was mixing too high of a percent thats why ill prob go. .5 pct on this test mix


About to head into my lab and mix my first tobacco recipe. Also going to mix a pumpkin donut. I will find a use for that dram of LoRann Pumpkin!!!


It’s just an idea I have been toying around with, a couple Rice Pudding recipes, I have a few variation recipes still ‘under construction’ but this is one of them. Still Private until I am totally satisfied with my results. Also working on a Breakfast Rice Pudding with Banana Slices (excited for that one). :yum:


Had to add some FA Arctic Winter to a bottle Raspberry Lemonade I had stashed because I feel like absolute crap. Guess I need to work on a Ricola juice.


This tastes pretty damn close to lemon honey ricola, throw in a little menthol (or minty whatever) and you’re golden. :wink:


Gotta get the flavors I am missing, but going to have to get them. Cold and flu season is here. Need some of this in my stash. :+1:t2::+1:t2:


Just mixed up the e-liquids for the cruise (milk and cookies, peach tea, s’mores, vanilla cream). I still have to mix up some bottles for my mother, but she prefers just menthol and never tells me when she is out, so it’s always a speed steep. I’ll probably brew hers tomorrow…Maybe some stuff for after the cruise to keep me out of the lab.


Trying to get my MOJO back. The smell and finger test is promising. Ill see how this steeps out.

Lemon Biscuit

Ingredient %
Custard (INAWERA) 1.00
Custard Pi 3.14 (FA) 1.00
Ella's Shortbread Biscuit 6.00
Tarte au Citron (Chefs Vapour) 10.00

Flavor total: 18%

Remember to rate it at e-liquid-recipes.com!



Just mixed up this sweet little peachy thing… Smells stellar! :sparkles:


I wish I was vaping this today, but I ran out. :cry:
So I mixed some more! I’m in love with this little love child! :heart_eyes:



Looks peachy good VapeyMama!!


Trust me, meeeeee too😏

As if my steep box was already bursting at the seams, now I’m designing another pop in shelf I need to build today lol