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What Ya Vaping / Mixing Today?


Better get to work, handyman. :wink: Lots more juice to be made!


Oh believe me, LOTS more!





Don’t stop, get it, get it… (Shake it, shake it, shake it) :wink:


Goodness, I feel mixed out this week. I have popped out so many recipes my folders are bursting out of the seams. I finally got and mixed the Sweet Tobacco PUR @VapeyMama, and I really like it, a lot. I added it to my Übersweet Tobacco recipe, since it’s something I make every week along with Vanilla Bourbon with Cream PUR. So good! Also, FLV Pumpkin Spice is tremendously good. I am pondering a Pumpkin Spice Sweet Tobacco. Testing out my Pumpkin Cheesecake right now.


Been vaping Jangotus by @Hooba all day today. Such a great vape. If you have the flavors I highly recommend it. I did have to sub out the pineapple and thanks to @Ghettotrout for the recommendation. Rock solid vape.


I’m absolutely drooling thinking about that combo. Please please keep me updated on that one!!!


Once I work out the Sweet Tobacco as a sole tobacco percentage, I will report back. At 1-1.50% the Pumpkin Spice is pretty darn versatile, it’s not really heavy or domineering like you would think a pumpkin spice flavor would be. I think the point of Pumpkin Spice FLV was versatility, it’s so easy to use, and blends well with so many flavors.


That’s great to kno! I tried getting some on my last BC order but that and pumpkin bread were both sold out (surprise, I kno). Anyway, great tidbit of info! Might have to make a single flavor purchase just for that one👌🏻


I just went to order HS Ry4, and got out of stock. Needless to say I had a little temper tantrum. So I decided to try Vanilla Ruyan Custard WF. Frick!


Now I don’t feel so bad, I was able to get my 30ml HS RY4 buuuuut, caramel toffee was out-0-stock too! :weary:Lol so, like usual my next order will be bigger than I plan on :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Only a couple days old but this has one has me obsessed, never want to be without it now :heart_eyes:



Looks scrumptious! :grin:


I’ve been enjoying it quite a bit😉


I am mixing up a single flavor strawberry ripe recipe today…as soon as ups gets here with my order…


Testing or do you just like it as a single?


I was thinking, maybe Vanilla Ruyan Custard (WF) + Sweet Tobacco (PUR) for the tobacco base for the Pumpkin Spice Sweet Tobacco. What do you think?


Testing. My DIY career is only a couple weeks old. I have made some good ejuice, and some horrible ejucice…


Well props for sf testing, that will help so much!


@ADKmac Shit, I favorited THAT one, as soon as I saw it !!!


@SessionDrummer thanks brother, I’m sure u will love it if u liked just the look of it!