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What Ya Vaping / Mixing Today?


@peggjam Welcome to the wonderful world of DIY’ing, where you will experience SKY HIGHS, and CRUSHING LOWS as you make some of the BEST juice you’ve ever tried, and also some of the worst. I think I have you beat with the horrible ones though.


ROTFL because I started breaking into a cold sweat just reading the flavors. You had mentioned a V2. ?? Just added some CAP Cheesecake ??


Hahahaha yessir I think the V2 is just a little bit more rounded on the graham. Taste is unreal!


A few weeks ago @joel5 was talking aboot Saskatoon Berries SC by WF, it arrived on Friday and was mixed just moments later. 2%, 80/20. I mixed it again tonight @ 1.5% as the smell is still quite potent at 2%.

Put together a couple recipes the other night and mixed them tonight.

Ive mixed up quite a few carrot cake mixes and never really wanted more after i finished a 10ml so the work continues. Carrot (FLV) is a guesstimate based on smell potency, we’ll see how it goes.

Custards, one can never have enough. This isnt a personal opinion either, 20 out of 11 scientists agree…


For the most part im a plain custard guy, no type of cookie/crust, but every once in awhile i try something a bit different. Ive made some custard pie liquids and was reading through my notes on what i liked and didnt like then put this together.

With a quick finger tasting i was thinking i might like just a bit of Greek Yog (FLV) or Italian Cream (HG) but it isnt too bad. Interested to see how the Eggnog plays out at this %.

As always, Happy Mixing!


Oops, somehow missed this!

I haven’t tried that flavor, but I can’t see how you could go wrong with custard paired with the sweet tobacco!


Did i read that right and do you guys have some sort of steep BOX ?
I want to know more :open_mouth:


Slowly building my mixing skills !


Result :smiley:


Yes and no lol yes, I have a little cupboard portion on my mixing desk that has a door I close keeping all the steeping beauties in slumber mode as long as I need. But no, it’s not an actual BOX persay lol. Been on a mixing spree doing “shoot-out” recipes with a very talented mixer and we have managed to come up with a few gems that we will end up making a thread for once our testing is done. Keep an eye out for the #stellarsteeps thread coming soon! Some real good stuff is gonna get dumped off in there!:ok_hand:t2:


Way to find good recipes

some spearmint choc thing…


Right now I’m enjoying the sweet flavor of strawberries and bubblegum

Edit: thou I let it steep for week.


OK folks i’m in day 2 of my DIY mixing fun. I have learned a lot. Messed up and done a few things right. This Is not as easy as all the youtube masters make it out to be. But it is a blast.


What have you mixed?


http://tjek.nu/r/fQ2x Just craving a little sugar, been vaping my WIP bourbon custard for 2 straight weeks needed a break, also mixed up some bronuts with 1.5% tfa marshmallow added in to curb the throat hit a little. Hopefully have two WIP custard recipes to post soon:)


Golden Grahams! @VapeyMama I have been trying to figure out all day why this tastes so familiar. I added Sweet Tobacco PUR to a Tobacco mix I make all the time, and had steeped it, and finally started using it today, and it just hit me that that’s what it tastes like, Golden Grahams. It’s like you can even taste that little bit of honey, although it’s not like any Honey Concentrate I have tried, it really tastes like the honey in the cereal. So glad you got me to buy this!


Damn dude, u work fast. Let me kno exactly wut u think of that puppy!


She most certainly has good taste!


I finally made mother’s milk specifically this recipe, w/o a battle of who originally created it it is good

to me it screamed 'nana so been working this

Although i don’t like high percentage of flavors, i just switched the fruits since their median mixing %s were very close. It has only been a day but will work on getting the % of 'nana down to something i wont shudder at. Someone suggested 'nana cream initially and might try that route also. I prefer to check to see if someone has something too familiar before going public since that makes me shudder worse and found :

so kudos to all on those and gl to all on what u like the best!


Yes!! That is exactly what I taste too. I’m so glad you like it!