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What Ya Vaping / Mixing Today?


Early on i used a curing box that i bought at Hobby Lobby, with their daily 40% off coupon, and then put stickers all over it to hide the horrible crap design. It only held 5or6X4oz and a 30ml or two.

Now i use an old stereo cabinet for curing and supplies.


Trying one of the first flavors a got from Purilum. I am liking it. I recently add a few drops of FA Lemon Sicily and made it even better. For a single flavor it is pretty good. I do have LA Watermelon on the way to compare. From what I have read on reviews it is more JR candy. I hate waiting for steep times so when I mix those I play with some fruits and candies too.


Heres my first best.
Im still a greenhorn but trying not to make soap.


Im scared of putting these levels of flavors in.


Mixing this for the third time, can’t seem to get enough of this strange concoction.


Well cause ADK mentioned it i was under the impression that i missed something since i just use a cabinet to let everything cure/steep, cabinet with closed door so its in the dark, temp is not that cold tough…


thank you i will mark it. Any and all help on good mixes are good for two reasons. One gives me something nice to vape . two teaches me ratios and good flavor blends.


@SuperDave721 I didn’t mean to reply directly to you, sorry about that. Mix at your own risk, I’m pretty far from being a master mixer.


Will be mixing up a bunch of 50/50 flavors today. Find myself getting back into tottle puffing. Can’t explain it. Don’t care. I’m enjoying it.


It’s going to take some work, probably changes somewhere down the line, but this is my new project. Sweet Honey & Cashew Butter Tobacco. I kept thinking to myself wow, PUR Sweet Tobacco is like Honey Grahams, and the honey part tastes like these cashew butter bars I eat all the time. It won’t be ready any time soon, but I’ve got my base flavors down. :smiley: Thanks to @VapeyMama I have a new favorite flavor!



That looks really good !


all good my friend.

Check this one out. Read the comments


That looks good! Think I might mix that but would have to substitute the sour and watermelon. Love the notes, I can feel the excitement of your win and it makes me want to try it.

You might want to check your flavor stash, not sure that you’ve added the “correct” flavor to your stash, namely the cotton candy and ethyl malto look a bit suss to me. If you enter the right flavors, the search by stash and what can I make features work much better. Also I’m pretty sure that TPA cotton candy is 10% Ethyl Malto. Anyways, good work and thanks for sharing.


Just realized I haven’t used my dragon fruit. So guess I need to mix up dragon fruit.

Hope you have many more days of mixing fun.


This evenings trials and tribulations.

Ummmmm rookie note "stay away from florals…ewwwwwwww!"
I see root beer in that list. CRAP i just made an order…


My premix 0 nic bottles and my bottles steeping

Pretty good steeped 1 week so far tried it a few days ago may reduce the root beer on next batch

Also steeped on week. Possibly coconut is a little to strong , but still pretty good

But neither warrant a 300 mil premix for friends yet


Wow. The float is the right down my allie. I shall give both a good test. I will report back with my results.Thanks!!!


Have 300 mils of this mixed up at 0 nic for me and friends

Edit: correction


Totally agree with your on florals. I no likey. Some love them.


It went on a two week steep and I like it, but missing the crust. Very nice baked apple flavor though.

Starting point on this one. Going to let it steep for few days before I try it.