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What Ya Vaping / Mixing Today?


Like all of my mixes this one is probably going to turn out terrible but maybe someone could give some pointers. Sweet rice is a really interesting flavor and I wanted to see if it would sit in the background and bring up the creams. After a taste test It may be a bit high but I’ll know more in a couple of weeks.


A Raspberry White Chocolate Cappuccino. Delicious.



Degenerate Special


Smurf Cake and Pink Lemonade with the Ogre twist.


@CarolinaVapen I actually don’t have FA Amber, what does it impart ?


@SessionDrummer if you want to turn apple flavors into a apple cider, liquid amber @.5-.75 will sell the effect of the apples being cooked/fermented. That’s all I’ve used it for so far. I have wassil juice I’m tweeking now that liquid amber is kicking ass in. Once I’m done with that, Im going to experiment using it with Inawera Cherries. Going after a Cherry cider.


as @NChris said. Gives the apple a more baked flavor. Go sparingly, it is strong IMO.


Releasing this as a Mothers Milk Clone as that is what it is meant to be, obviously it is not spot on but imo it is very close. Would love community feedback (see notes). Thanks

This is Revision #24


Nice work @grubby - i will certainly be mixing this one up - i may even buy a bottle of the original just for testing. I know this took you a long time well done for sticking at it.


Appreciate your kind words as always :facepunch:


Sorry I can’t make it to give feedback, I don’t have any of this flavors.


Never be sorry :wink:


Nice to see a MM clone without shit loads of different flavors. Do you reckon you’ll get to revision 50 :grinning:? You must really like the original or the challenge or something else? Good work and good luck.

I’d mix this but I’m short of cap coconut, any idea how it compares to TPA coconut?


Thanks! I tried all the others and they were just too much, I’ve never tasted a cream as a standalone in MM but everyone always wanted to chuck 1or2 of them in along with all kinds of weird fruits and even cinnamon at one point! (GCv1 has a cinnamon note, so I guess thats why?).

The First revision used 1 drop of (TPA) Coconut Extra, haven’t tried that with the other flavours at these %'s but I guess I could mix that up for a test. It would probably be fine as the Coconut is there to add a creaminess and aid blending.

I have 26 revisions altogether, so I don’t see why not :laughing:

Love the original, I got a bottle a month ago and straight away detected 4 flavours and thought, that’s it, I’m gonna try and clone it… Again.


Sounds like your close, 11/10 for persistence. I’ll mix that using TPA coconut next time I’m “cooking”. I’m short of a strawberry milky mix ATM so it should go down a treat. Thanks.


True to the original, the SB is very much in the background, sometimes not even detectable, all feedback is appreciated, cheers


I’ll tell you what I’m not mixing today… CAP Pumpkin Pie Spice. I just got it, on a whim. It smells of burnt cotton and clove, and literally tastes like nothing else. I feel like trying to even use it would ruin a mix. Good golly it’s awful. Just awful.


Made this this morning.

Had flavor since may figured its time to try it


Finally got around to buying FW sweet Cream, the other sweet cream concentrates are dead to me.


I was on the fence with that and FLV Pumpkin Spice. After reading your post and seeing Jeff Goldblum vomit acid. I am glad I went with FLV. :face_vomiting: