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What Ya Vaping / Mixing Today?


I have an odd palate, so I am always recognizing the term ‘taste is subjective’. I have made many mixes that would most likely only be suited for my taste buds. That being said, it’s a nasty-fest. Probably the only flavor I have ever downright hated, and not tried to make work.


The FLV Pumpkin Spice is delicious, but more so because it’s versatile, it can be a latte, or a tobacco. It adds a robust pumpkin spice where it’s needed, without too much of one flavor, it’s balanced and easy use, definite winner in my book.


Vaping so much of this today!! Yummm :yum: :heart_eyes:


I really like a floral note - 0.5 - 1.5% of Ylang is wonderful :slight_smile:


Forgot about a 60ml I made of this a month ago and I’m freakin stoked I did! Absolutely true to her description. If u enjoyed these cookies, don’t waste another second not having this juice at your disposal! Nice simple recipe and amazing flavor. Huge batch of this around the corner :heart_eyes: #simplystellar


Awesome!! I’m so happy you like it!



I just cracked a bottle of peach cream pipe net. Yet again a damn good mix.





That looks amazing :ok_hand:


I know I’m way late but I made 500ml of it and its tasting the best after 20 + weeks smooth creamy vape


OK, I know this seems like a conglomeration of flavors, but it’s the yummiest tobacco I have made in a long time, next to my Sweet Honey & Cashew Butter Tobacco. It’s sweet, and not quite geared toward ashy or pipe type tobacco flavors, but it’s Sweet/Honey/Graham/Slightly Nutty/. I loves it. Yes, the description is a little perverted, my inhibitions were…loose at the moment of writing.


Too much time needed for finishing XMAS presents. No time to mix :frowning:


HEY @kreed! That looks great!

Any good deals floating around for Chef’s on black friday? Please let us know if you run across anything. PLEASE :smile:


This looks so delicious! Guess i have more flavors to buy!


Bleach-- I need to make some of this for the name alone.


Chefs aren’t doing anything for Black Friday…but they are having Super Duper Sunday Funday.

Hang out on the Chefs Facebook page for lots of comps, live streams and lightning deals :slight_smile:


Quick question,

How do you all determine the steep or cure time when you mix out of the blue to create something nice ?


Some folks test mixes or single flavors every week. I dont do that at all anymore as almost everything i vape is a custard/cream and i like most of them in the month-2 months range, that is where i start testing single flavors so i know how they hold up.

I learned where i like my custards the old fashion way, i would mix and vape them starting the next day until they were gone. When i finally had one last a month i decided to start testing them all around that time because it was frackin awesome.

Trial and error, pretty much, but there are some generalized recommendations.