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What Ya Vaping / Mixing Today?


Well, here’s the first crack at it. Well, kinda. I made an ice cream with orange in it and got some direction from that.

Real simple:

10% Blood Orange (FW)
2% Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TFA)
2% Sweet Cream (TFA)
1% Dairy Milk (TFA)

Not bad first test. Maybe a bit between a sherbet and a gelato but definitely moving away from an ice cream.
70/30/3% base. Pretty darn tasty if I don’t say so myself.


Ya, not to bore you to death, but I’m even getting a slight hint of the rind. In a pleasant way. The vanilla is no longer overpowering everything like with the ice cream. This could be a keeper.


I love that blood orange!! :yum:


Absolutely great stuff isn’t it? One of those flavors that doesn’t take a lot of imagination to figure out what it is supposed to be. If I could just find a strawberry that tasted as close to strawberry as the blood orange tastes to an orange, all would be good with the world.


Have you tried Strawberry Ripe (tpa)?


I have. And Strawberry (TPA) and Sweet Strawberry (CAP). I think the Ripe is the closest to the real thing. I’m debating trying Real Flavors next. I just really like a good fresh strawberry. Oh and then there’s Cheesecake. ROFL. I had some real like type you eat it raspberry cheesecake last night. Oh my. Not what I have been vaping.


Cheesecake is my kryptonite.


I may have to give this a go but TPA VBIC and me do not get along at all. Maybe I’ll try Cap or LB vanilla ice cream.


Sounds like the groove to me. Maybe I’ll have to try Cap or LB vanilla ice cream.


Honestly I sub lb Vic in every recipe I make, imo it’s the best Vic.


Well, that narrows it down. I’m going to need a larger refrigerator soon.


I mixed with CAP Creamy Yogurt 12 days ago. Been tasting it every 2-3 days since and it seems to remind me of dirty socks. Is this a flavor that you find changes with steep?


You’ve vaped dirty socks? :open_mouth:


I find that all of Caps yogurts need at least a 3 week steep, 4 weeks is best. Before that, you’re right, dirty socks it is.


Thanks. I suspected as much but wanted clarification. I appreciate that.

You haven’t? :slight_smile:


Uhhh… not while sober and not without a long, long steep :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t vape my dirty socks
my 2 yo don’t even want them in the house
But if ya want them vape them
You can have my dirty socks


I’ve sure had plenty of fails with orange mixes until I found this:

This one does it for me. I keep forgetting to rate it but it’s really good. Every time I’ve tried the creams bury the orange, but not this one.


Why am I always missing ONE flavor?!?!?!?!?


And it’s always right after you’ve placed an order, right ? !!