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What Ya Vaping / Mixing Today?


Royal Orange juice?


Try 5% FA Blood Orange with 3.25% FA Royal Orange. It tastes just like Fresh OJ. Optional .5 FA Fuji.


I’ll have to add the Royal orange to the next order.


I think you’ll like it. I sure do. I was not a fan of regular FA Orange but the new ones are really good.


I’ve been mixing tpa orange cream and ina Shia orange I really like that combo


Yep and yep, @DaveDave & @Ryuk!


I just got some of the rfsc cookies and cream from nic river with the Black Friday deal, how do you like it?


It tastes like cookies and cream, I got it for this recipe. But I double the cookies and cream.


Yeah, what @Cutlass92 said. :joy:


It’s not my fault I can read your mind!


Lol in the giant rfsc thread somewhere somebody said spot on to Oreo cookies, can’t wait for it to get here:)


After church

But now

That’s probably the best thing about DIY .

You never stuck with just one flavor all week or all month.

My travel case(an old first aid box) has 17 flavors. My taste buds never get bored.


One of todays ones :slight_smile:


Mmm that sounds really good!


It really is…pushes all my vape buttons :heart_eyes:


Got bored

Used this as a model

Don’t taste bad .

Edit: tasted really really good . 30ml almost didn’t make it to the 1 week test


I let this steep about a month. This is a great vape @Amy2. sweet fry bread - e-liquid-recipes.com http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/1745030/sweet%20fry%20bread


A Raspberry, blueberry, cream mixture. In that order. Think I’m on the third revision and it is getting real close if not on target. I believe this will make a nice addition to the menu.


Thank u girl that is sweet of ya. I actually like to steep it for a month since it has Vienna Cream FA in it and that flavor really changes as it steeps. Glad u liked it !


On a nice bright green vape today :slight_smile:

Very different…but addictive!