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What Ya Vaping / Mixing Today?


Awesome! Thank you!


Ha ha. I forgot I mentioned it before. Obviously I really like them.:grin:


Yay!!! I was just vaping some. :grin:


Where do you get that butter from? I very much liked Naughty Girl so naturally i need to try the buttered up version too.


I’ve bought it from ecx and diy vapor supply


Thank you, ECX it is. I had it at one time but i just never replaced it when it was empty.

I dont think i ever rated Naughty Girl, ill go do that now.


Thanks! :blush:


Actually managed to save some for a close to two week steep and I’m so glad I did! Yummy and satisfying for my sweet tooth! And can you ever go wrong with hot chocolate?


I don’t get along well with TPA vanillas. What would you suggest as a sub for the Gelato? I was thinking LB Vanilla Ice Cream?


YES!!! Honestly, I was just trying to get rid of some of the VB Gelato :joy:


It sounds great and I have had some fails with the cookies and cream. This sounds like it’ll send me to fat boy heaven. I’ll let you know.


I hope you like it! :yum:


Loving this one !


After a few shake and vape kind of mixes, finished !


Found some @kreed kustard Concentrate in the back of the cupboard… :yum: Mixed up 60ml 0mg Nic

Bottled: 21/08/17


Use it to seed steep the new one :wink:


Thank you @tartarusspawn for the inspiration for this one. Still needed some tweaking, but so far so good.


Looks tasty , will defiantly have to make this after I pay bills


BILL🤢 Definitely one of my least favorite 4 letter word. Feel ya.


Yea and I work on house, bad thing about holidays is no one wants to spend money fixing up houses…