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What Ya Vaping / Mixing Today?


Dude we have more work than we can do, we tell them we don’t know when we will get to them and they just say ok we’ll just call me an hour before you come, we tell them we are booked like a month out and they still just say ok I’ll wait!


Decided to make


I just saw this on the recipe page before your post. This is on that is definitely going on my next order.


It smells good going to try it tomorrow . It posted it just 4 U


I havent used it near that % but i love the flavoring. Im not saying your % is wrong or anything, what ever works for you is the right %. Ive used it as part of the base for a couple tropical drink mixes and some bakeries, im not a huge coconut fan so this adds just the right amount with a bit of creaminess.


Vapes my sweet mango last night . To cleanse the palette so to speak.


This morning and vaping it all day today… it’s great % recomended


Still vaping coconut milk


Threw this one together just now, smells and tastes delicious, hopefully it vapes nice after a steep…


Two week test day for this. Loving the Fresh Baked Bread NF!


That NF Butter Organic is insanely good. Thanks to @R113, I have a new favorite Butter, and it is delicious. It only made sense to make a Gooey Bar Recipe with it. :blush: Trying it out today, I loves it.


Can’t say for certain this is going to work, needs at least 7-14 days steep before a test.


Oooh, so many rainb rainb rainb
Looks good!


Was looking at my flavors and thought got piña colada got blackberry. So went and found a recipe for a virgin blackberry piña colada.

Edit : mixing it now smells real good


Yesterday I really was into playing and sampling. I mixed up 12 recipes from others and tried 2 of my own from flavors I think right now i enjoy. On my 2 mixes I started off pretty low %'s and will take it slow adding more after a good steep and see where it leads

What fun I had!!

Today I cant wait to mix up a few more and continue also with some samples.

Im curious about tobaccos and have a Carolina Tobacco from Nicvapes Ill try to find a recipe for and see if If I have any interest in them


You should take a look at some of @Silhouette’s tobacco recipes. She’s kind of like the RY4/tobacco queen around here.


thanks Chris, I will


No disrespect to Miss Amber’s accomplishments at all… But @Josephine_van_Rijn was here long before (in my mind is tobacco queen), and @Kinnikinnick would probably be the godfather… lol :wink:

It’s all relative though I guess. chuckles
(mainly just wanted to mention a couple of others to look into, or whose posts to look for on “tobacco flavor guidance”)


Testing out what I made yesterday

Flavors blended together real well . And produced an interesting flavor , thats not really a blackberry or a piña colada. Well have to see what it taste like next week…, if I can put it down on tank 3 now

Definitely going to be making more of this


I’ll second that. And both @Josephine_van_Rijn and @Kinnikinnick are super helpful and always come when called. Lol. Love you two.


Can’t say (never tasted a tobacco mix) but just thought that I would add that @Silhouette’s non tobacco recipes are freaking awesome. Hooked on her Banana mixes and vaping one right now.