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What Ya Vaping / Mixing Today?


:grinning: I just make what I like, thanks y’all that’s awesome of you to say, although the queen title is bestowed upon @Josephine_van_Rijn, she’s a ninja tobacco master. I wouldn’t have even gotten into tobacco flavors if it wasn’t for mixers like her paving the way for us to transition to different flavor profiles.


In my mind there are so many helpful people here. Many do not even know how helpful because the posts are not directed to anyone specific but the help so many gain experience and knowledge.

Its a wonderful place and I would venture to say they are all Queens, princes etc to many.

I am happy to have so many references to go to! Thank you ALL. I will most defenitly look into all. Thanks for replying


@DarkJester89 inspired me, I just mixed both of these up.

They smell good and finger tests seem promising… I think I need to rewick something and give them a snv test!


I second that.


Playing around with this one shot I got free on Ecigexpress Black Friday Sale. Not bad, not bad at all. Definitely good when I am busy, or just lazy, and need something quick.


Screw you then. I guess I am chopped liver over here. The dunce or court jester of tobaccos!!!


Oh my golly gosh! My most humblest of apologies Sahib!! No offense intended!

Honestly, I had no idea you were a tobacco fan!

Please to be begging 1000 pardons!
/walks slowly backwards out of the room through the hanging beads…

Of course, there’s always the fact that I don’t frequent those threads often. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Awwee, much better!!! :joy:


Another whimsical experi-mint that turned out better than expected. Dammit! I’m almost out of cactus, AGAIN! Time to order the 4oz I think, lol.


Today I found a bottle of a random cookie recipe from September that I decided to try. It fell flat over the steep, so I decided to try a little squirt of Hangsen RY1 in it to liven it up…omg its amazing! I’m definitely going to have fun with this RY1! Real recipes to come!


I’ll be mixing this today!


Vaping on a butterscotch custard I made in September. Shit is so good!!!


@Skullblade789 I can’t seem to mix butterscotch to save my life, but am GROWING an appreciation for good BS vapes.


I liked this one I made

Just based it off recomended % I found . Which reminds me I’m out of butterscotch


Cut that down and put butterscotch ripple in that.


I’ll have to give it a try one day .


I just got this Butter, too! Used it in my new Baughston Creme Doughnut recipe and it is awesome! It’s my first butter, so I don’t know how it compares to more common brands, but this one is buttah!


It’s really yummy, and way more potent (at least for me) than the other butters I’ve used. I like it much better than Cap Golden or TPA, I never bought the FA Brand though. I think my sweet spot for it is 0.45%.


Buy it!!!



I mixed this up with that carolina tobacco i had just to get an idea of the taste. Looks yummy, and not many recipes around for the tobacco i got on a whim
I assume to let it steep a few days?