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What Ya Vaping / Mixing Today?


Almost out of

And sad that I don’t have more piña colada flavor. But rhats a real easy fix.

edif: next batch think I’ll make 3 diffent batches . 100% flavoring. 75% and 50%.

See how they taste.


Cool! Yeah, definitely let it steep for probably at least a week, more realistically though probably 2-4 weeks. I usually do a snv test of almost everything (I’m bad at the whole patience thing), but for custards I try really hard to not start testing them before a week.


Umm… Maybe I’m not understanding because I haven’t had coffee yet… You’re not planning on vaping 100% flavor are you?! :flushed:
Even 50% is still going to be way too much (and I actually have done this out of curiosity, it was very unpleasant).


Recipe with 100% of the flavor in the recipe , then another batch with only 75% of the flavor in the recipe, then another with 50% of the flavor…

Guess you need that coffe . So I’ll write it out

Batch 1
8% blackberry
12% piña colada

Batch 2
6% blackberry
9% piña colada

Batch 3
6% piña colada

Really like this flavor still vaping it since I made it


Aaah, that makes much more sense. Lol! I knew there had to be a logical explanation!



This sounded so good , I mixed some yesterday as well, ty
Cant wait to try it


First flavor I’ve made that I’ve literally vaped all week. If that says anything…

Usually I change flavors every tank refill

Edit: think I’m going to classify it as shake n vape


Oh I was waiting the 7 days!! Ill go give it a try tonight


Enjoying some Ducks Breath (Quacks DIY) while playing around with ThirdWorldOrder’s Third World Custard… ended up somewhere completely out in the woods… cinnamon butterscotch custard thingy :nerd_face:


Saw this mentioned, FOUND IT, and shall be mixing this beauty now !!!


Looks like a beaut, will have to add some cinnamon crucnch to my shopping list.


Getting ready for the invasion. Family will start showing up tomorrow and so while all the shopping is done and decorations are on full display, just the cooking remains. In another day or so our house will be an explosion of various aromas and sounds which can only be found on Christmas. In anticipation I’m having a Guinness and some Christmas Cheer. I mixed this batch in September so it’s good and steeped…and oh so tasty!


Got my latest shipment from LB. got a free flavor enhancer kit

Had to try out the sour


@Lexie3 so what did you think ?


I feel asleep last night (fighting off pnuemonia but these steroids keep me awake)
but will try it for sure today when im more awake.


Restocking the premix shelf

Now I’m out of :banana:. Guess I need to add it to my next LB order


This is totally yummy. Love the blackberry and great to know we can S&V. Ill check it at 7d again but enoying this tankfull atm very much


Thanks be sure to leave a comment. And give it a rating.


I already had :))


Okay got my scale today.

Oh my god so much easier

A lot less clean up