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What Ya Vaping / Mixing Today?


Couldn’t decide which direction I wanted to go here… So I’m mixing both of these today to see which one wins.


I do not normally buy liquids. This one has been my white whale so far. So when it goes on sale I stock up. I also try to get the flavor profile, but to no avail.

It is 33 degrees by Maddcatt Vapors. A local store in MD.


Md guy huh? So I gotta know, Eastern shore or Western shore?


Not bad. It’s 21 here.


I’m putting 5 on “Sticky Mess”. :wink:


I think you’re right.


Well, laying the cards on the table…
I’m biased (I think). lol

I was telling R113 late Nov or early Dec that I have basically come to the conclusion that “cake” flavors are “basically pointless” to me. I may get run out of town on a rail for saying it :laughing: …but cake is just something that just does not translate to vaping, because it’s a texture thing.

Not once in my life have I eaten cake, and thought “that cake has great flavor!” without it being chocolate. So it has to be chalked it up to the fact that it’s chocolate, since we have no way to “inject texture”. The only other aspects that I’ve ever gotten from cake are vanilla, sweetness, and perhaps fruit. And those all fall under other categories IMO (at least, with respect to vaping).

So the whole cake thing is basically bullshit marketing IMO. I mean, I like and can possibly see use for (to varying degrees) yellow cake, simply cake, etc etc… But for some reason, I was seriously disappointed when I finally got around to doing a cake shootout.

No clue why it took so long to put my finger on it before that. As I’d done a few mixes with them prior… But each time I had the same reaction: “This just isn’t getting it.” The veil finally lifted during the shootout though (thankfully, but disappointingly).

/I’m weird, I know. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
PS: sorry for the tangential brain drizzle. laughs


I feel that way about chocolates and peanut butters too. I like them in juices but the mouth feel being missing is a thing to me. I don’t feel that way about cakes though; I like them in juices and think they do good for me. One more thing so cool about vaping… different for everyone!


Lol nothin wrong with weird! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve found some cakey mixes that vaguely remind me if real cake, but I do totally know what you’re saying about the texture thing.


Any desert vape to me, will never be an ADV. I’ve had some really great cakes, cookies etc and deeply enjoyed them but when I enjoy the real food, it’s one piece ya know or maybe 4-6 cookies or a couple donuts see what I mean? I just can’t have it all day. The texture thing doesn’t bother me as much, in fact the wiring in my brain tells me there’s texture if the flavor is spot on. Nut flavors are also okay in small doses but peanut butter is a big fat NO. I’ve had some really good ones, spot on creamy sweet and smooth but they give me a psychological choking sensation due to almost choking to death on a PB&J as a child. I felt like I had PB in my lungs for a week and thought I was still going to die so, no mater how good the taste is, my brain tells me I’m dying. :rofl:


I’ve had good luck with chocolate (until Ina had to reformulate my favorite: Chocolate Cream). And I expect great things from MF Dark Chocolate…

I’ve only had one PB experience so far (FLV) and it was peanut taste. But I can totally understand and appreciate that you find those two groups lacking. Texture is a heavily influencing factor in many applications with those in particular. But, fortunately for me, I’m not as influenced by (concerned with) texture in relation to those! whew
I’d be seriously bummed if I was though, and I feel for ya!!



It took me a while with chocolates and PB to realize it was the texture missing, not the flavor. So I made the constant mistake of using too much % trying to make up for the texture until I realized it wasn’t the flavor but the mouth feel. Now when I keep my %'s right they come together well, Probably a fairly common mistake being made. They’re actually much better at lower %'s in my case.


Hey, I have a hard copy of Rawsons Complete Dictionary of Euphemisms and Doubletalk and this ain’t in it. So I’m stealing this. Just glad it wasn’t “cerebral” or something.:grin::grin::grin:


Will be one of my juice names in the future, for sure. The next Mother’s Milk maybe.


No the liquid is called 33 degrees.


I know… :upside_down_face: I’m cheeky sometimes.


Actually Central PA.


Lol. Just woke up from a coma.


Meh, I figured I’ve already pissed you off once, and maybe you want an excuse to rant on someone. Just figured I’d open the door.


Hmmm… :upside_down_face: Interesting idea to name your next juice “TBD”…
I’m thinking, “who’s on first”…
It’s TBD, yeah, but what’s it called ?

oh, nevermind, you had to be there.