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What Ya Vaping / Mixing Today?


Glass apple recipe is the bomb. Look it up if you like tart apples. I am vaping it in my new Avacado 24 and the flavor is the bomb. Also squonking some CN Pistachio RY4. Really awesome stuff.


I love white chocolate also, but I have only tried TFA. Seems like I sometimes get a dry peppery vibe. Not always, but sometimes. I will have to add RF to my list as well, I’ve been curious. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Agreed! I tested my sft’s too soon so popped them back in cupboard and boom White Chocolate has arrived :smiley::+1:


Hey Lol, what’s “sft”.

Merry Xmas, only 1 hour till the day here in Australia.


Single Flavour Test beaut. And a very Happy Christmas to you and yours! My best friend lives in Sydney so am betting she’s awake and slightly drunk at this moment in time! :christmas_tree::smiley::santa::hugs:


If shes Australian, Definitely.

I bloody knew that one as SF but couldn’t put the two together. Derrrr.


I can tell u s&v the white chocolate is really light. I made a second testers and added 0.8% white chocolate mf, 0.6% Marshmallow flv, and 0.6% pound cake flv. So we will see. I can tell you from tasting the flavor directly out the bottle it’s the best white chocolate flavor I’ve had. It taste exactly like white chocolate. So I guess all we have to do is get it to taste like that in a mix :slight_smile: it’s more of a white chocolate flv then MF and flv. It’s dead on.


Nice I appreciate your thoughts. I have MF white chocolate now as well and it’s a good one but huh at the price of what RF sells them why look the other way :smile:


While this taste amazing I may call it Cat Piss. It literally stinks up the entire house. An outdoor vape for sure.


Thank you…I really appreciate your advice :slight_smile:


Trial Run but so far so good.

Taffy : http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/1086915/Taffy

0.2% Pineapple (Flavorah)
1% Pink Candy - Burst Type (SC) (Real Flavors)
0.6% Swedish Gummy (SC) (Real Flavors)
0.2% Sweet Strawberry (Jungle Flavors)
1% Taffy (SC) (Real Flavors)
1% Vanilla Pudding - Flavorah

Flavor total: 4%
Remember to rate it at: http://tjek.nu/r/8FKf


Vaping some RF VG Samoa Cookie that has been steeping 2.5 months that I forgot I had in the cabinet. My single flavor tester I had done at 12% and wasn’t bad but needed more flavor so I planned to use up the remainder @ 15% to make 85ML but when I poured it in to the mix I had another 4ML left so I just dumped it all in. Tasty enough but won’t be buying anymore unless they make it in the super concentrate line.


Initial testing, mixed then steeped for 1 month. using a Griffin mini with duel ss coils at 0.25 ohm and 22 watts. Juice has a slightly sweet grapefruit flavor and unsweetened orange juice background, kind of reminds me of a tequila Sunrise… but it has been years since I’ve had one of those. Ingredients appear to meld well together, nothing is fighting to take over but I am getting a lite dryness on my tongue a few moments after an exhale, not bad and the rest of the vape isn’t dry,


Just finished some fine tuning on my koala sauce… click


Had to make more of this Vanilla Custard!

Love the concept of these new mason jars with the pump I found
at my local Kroger grocery store. Too expensive IMHO @ $6.99 each,
but too fun to pass up buying a couple of them. :slight_smile:


I need another big bottle of juice steeping like I need another hole in my head but mixed this up today to use up the last of these 2 vg flavors:

Bourbon Apple Pie RF VG SF 15%
11.00% Apple Pie VG (Real Flavors)
7.00% Aged Bourbon Cream VG (Real Flavors)


How cool is that! Fab idea :+1:

Also loving your VC III…can’t remember if I commented on recipe side so will pop and check now! :blush:


I just made a batch of Butterscotch with FW Natural Butterscotch, which is really delicious. A batch of Purilum Strawberry Biscuit. So divine. One of my Dark Pipes and a Jelly Donut recipe, sort of rotating through those.

Also checked in on my two nets, brewing away. Raspberry Cream NET and A Rum River NET are my latest wait and see NETS.


Went back down to the lab to refill a couple 30 ml dropper bottles and remembered I have a bottle of each of these as 15% single flavors I mixed up in early November so I decided to fill a couple dropper bottles with them which I am now vaping in my goon clone. I have 8 or 9 different dropper bottles I keep on my desk for the goon throughout the day.

It get’s sorta hard to keep track of everything I have in the cabinet with nearly 3 liters steeping for me and half a liter of menthol for my brothers girl friend:


I know what you mean. This is my steep project right now.

From the left I have one week steep time left on time. The middle is one month. The right coffee can has 2 months. The tupperware has another 5-6 months to go. I cannot wait and it drives me nuts. I am not a patient person, but have to learn when it comes to great liquids.