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What Ya Vaping / Mixing Today?


Finally getting over this cold after a month and taste buds are coming back to life…


oh boy, haven’t seen those recipes yet. adapting them to RF SC now and adding to my calculator for future testing. thanks for posting them.


That’s really cool! Unfortunately, I have never gone through enough eliquid to make using the mason jars reasonable. I tank instead of dripping…even chain vaping I only use 3-5ml a day. Which is good in a way…less expensive :wink:


Just re-wicked my limitless combo and decided to replace the BaN that has been in there (gasp) with the last of my vendor juice I bought before I began DIY: Super Charged Heaven’s RY2K. This stuff is well steeped… bought 3 x 120ml sometime last spring/summer and have about 150 or 160 ml left to finish off. It’s a tasty take on RY4 with the added toasted marshmallow and almond notes.


that elusive italian cream every time i order it is out of stock so i have given up lol


the brown plastic bottles on the left look nice


They are, I really like them. I need to see if the person I got them from has any more of the 150ml size she wants to get rid of. They work great for 120ml batches so I have some head space when mixing with my badger. I gave a few away to a friend with some juice that I may eventually get back but I need more of those to keep a steady flow in my steeping cabinet.



ty i like the wide mouth one especially


I’ve a bunch to mix up today, including some mixes for myself to test, as well as a few simple mixes for my cousin I am trying to convert to vaping :smiley:


Choc Turkish Delight

Ingredient %
Almond (FA) 0.5
Chocolate Truffle (JF Gourmet Super Con) 0.8
Erythritol 5% (NN) 0.75
Malted Milk (TPA) 0.25
Pistachio (VG) (Real Flavors) 1
Rose Candy (TPA) 1.75
Stevia 0.25
Strawberry Taffy (CAP) 0.65
Vanilla Bean Gelato (TPA) 1.5

Flavor total: 7.45%

WIP but the finger test is great

Edit : I should qualify that i don’t use a finger I use a toothpick to taste :grinning:


Hello , I just started DIY and I’am stuck can some one help me ?
Would love to make mustard milk by fizzmustard but don’t know
How to fill in the calculator with my ingredients 70 pg 30 vg 6 mg nicotine
base . As nearly all of the recipes are with high vg I,don’t seem the get the
wright percentage . Would love to have some help thank you in advance .
Greetings papoes from Greece .


You could try using vapetool available for free from the Google play store if you have an android device. Then just set up the amount you want to make, the strength, ratio of pg to vg you want and amount of concentrate the recipe requires and it’ll convert it all to ml for you. The e-liquid calculator on this site does the same but that may be easier for you to use.


If you have a Windows laptop/tablet you could also try a calculator like this one - http://www.diyjuicecalculator.com/

I find most of my recipes on ELR then put them into the calculator above as I find it easier to work with, and it has a lot of other really nice features. I prefer to have all my recipes stored locally (and backed up to dropbox) so I can access them without internet. That calculator I linked saves everything to an xml file so you can actually access your info with a simple text editor program as well, though it would be rather cumbersome to have to work with the xml file instead of using the calculator GUI.


You just click the blue wrench and adapt it to your variables


Thank you for you’re rapid responce :+1::grinning: and the info I like this site a lot because of all these awesome recipes . I have all ready some DIY calculators
These one ,dot1ml.com , steam engine . My quistion is more how should I adapt the flavour percentage from a recipe to use with my 70 pg 30 vg 6mg nic base . The base is for me not to be the problem but do I use 12 , 10 percent intotal for the aroma’s ? Thanks again Fozzy71 have a nice day :+1:


Thank you for the info :+1: Would love to use the recipes but would like to know if I use a recipe how much in percent do I have to copy from the flavours when I use my 70 pg 30 vg 6mg nic base . Because I think if I copy the recipe with more pg that it be over flavored ! I have bought 100 ml base 70 pg … And aromas , strawberry , raspberry , forrest fruit , pineapple , mint , vanilla bean ice cream . Some of my favoriet flavors . I wanted to make a easy diy like a mothers milk , mustard milk :grinning: And many more . Next thing after that this base is finished I will buy 30 pg !! Instead of 70 pg !! Thanks Elite liquids 1 and have anice day :grinning:


Don’t think I can help as I vape at 70vg myself now. When I first started mixing I was vaping 50vg, then 60vg now 70vg and I never bothered changing flavoring total percents. If you do want to try changing percents this calculator works well for adjustments - http://www.e-liquid-scripts.com/cosmiccalc


Decisions, decisions…

Anyone else keep 9 different flavors on their desk for one RDA? I have 2 RTA and an RDTA also with dedicated flavors in them but I always seem to want to taste something else and now I have too many choices in rotation:


Thanks Fozzy71 I will have a look :slight_smile: :+1: ps wish I was like you brewing all these goodies :open_mouth:


You will get there. I only started DIY in Aug or Sept and was testing like mad, trying to speed steep, etc. Once I found a few recipes I liked I just mixed up some big batches so they could start steeping (and even mixed a few well reviewed recipes without even testing) while I worked on more testers to get more big batches steeping. I now have enough steeping as shown up above a ways to last me 4 - 6 months if I stopped mixing big batches today.