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What Ya Vaping / Mixing Today?


I am vaping @Nicotine_River Purilum mix of Strawberry Biscuit and Cream Dream. And an Apple-Bacco recipe. This one has now become a staple of my mixes.


I made my first batch of cinapple fritter Saturday and tried it today and that stuff is great imo, on my third tank today lol.

This will be a staple for sure


One I’ve not vaped in a while - couldn’t say why. Still love it!! Got it going in the Boreas today.

This one also have not made in a while but I’m going to mix up 120ml of it. It’s a darn good mix after about 10 days.

And although I’m not vaping this today, it’s a comin. Will hit it on Sunday when it’s steeped. The aroma is blissful though and I’m looking forward to it.


Vaping my bust a nut variant tonight on a freshly rayon wicked goon clone dual 26/36ss clapton 6 wrap .22ohm in TC mode at 90w/450f on a rx2/3 and some scutch in my boreas on the istick 200w tc mod with 24/36ss clapton 7 wraps 0.15ohm 490f/110w… just noticed I can probably up the watts on that .22 ohm build


One of Skull’s dark pipe mixes on a goon lp clone with a dual coil 26g kanthal parallel 8 wraps ohming out at .23 wiith some Muji cotton in a Scottish roll. Same set up on a Plume Veil clone with some Mercury by Nicoticket that I got free with a RDA. First commercial juice I’ve had in a while. Griffin 25 wicked with rayon and set up with fused claptons and one of my own mixes. A TF-RTA wicked with rayon, stock clapton coils that came in it and Rhodonite in it.


So choose wisely. Which is better? Mine or the commercial stuff?

Woke up could feel my ears burning.


Your mix is 100x better. There really is no comparison.


Speaking in tongues or what? Share this delicious nectar or it’s just a myth :slight_smile:


You have to send him something and he will repay you 10 fold. I sent him 50 empty bottles and maybe 4 flavors and he sent back 28 full bottles. About 1050ml total.

Next time I’m sending him 1000 bottles :laughing:


I think @grubby maybe posted some of Skull’s recipes. Look for Skulls Good Pipe. Stuff is like crack.



Dang, no FW Honey.


I think I’m missing the VC and VBIC.


Still need to finish adding those :smile:


Well worth it. Best vape I’ve ever had. His net recipes are pretty damn sporty too.


Yeah, it was a craft of love. I made a cherry vanilla net and I think the 30 mil bottle will last me like 3 days. Vaping the shit of it.


I may just make this with a sub using MF Wildfower Honey. Not the same I know but it’s a pretty good honey just the same.


Yeppers, a tongue that has a taste of a great vape on it. Lol.


This is insanely good

Barrel Of Monkeys v2 rf 7-2

Ingredient %
Citric Acid 10% 0.25
Sour (TPA) 1
Strawberry Kiwi (VG) (Real Flavors) 8
Tartaric Acid (10%) 0.25
Watermelon (SC) (Real Flavors) 0.4

Flavor total: 9.9%

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@Walt_RealFlavors thanks for fixing my order and your generosity you are awesome. I cannot wait for the sb kiwi in an sc it is an awesome flavor as is the wm.

Recipe creators, help required

Been a while since I posted one up. But I have indeed been mixing away. This is a re-working of an older fav of mine. If you like your banana custards with a twist, get you some Cherimoya:

Cherinana Cus'

Ingredient %
Banana (INAWERA) 1
Bavarian Cream (TPA) 1.5
Cherimoya YC (INAWERA) 4
DX Banana Cream (TPA) 3
Marshmallow (FA) 1
Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP) 6

Flavor total: 16.5%

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I almost forgot I mixed up this one, found it hiding in the back of the cupboard, it turned out really nice, melon really holds up to a longer steep

Melon Bokeh

Ingredient %
Bavarian Cream (TPA) 2
Cactus (INAWERA) 1
DX Banana Cream (TPA) 2
Melon Cantaloupe (FA) 1.5
Peach (Juicy) (TPA) 2
Strawberry Taffy (CAP) 3
Sweetener (Sucralose) (TPA) 1
Watermelon (TPA) 1.5

Flavor total: 14%

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