Recipe creators, help required

I need the help of you experienced recipe creators please.

So my request is this; can you guys share with me your favourite recipes that have the following criteria;

  • No vanilla (creams, ice creams, custards, etc).
  • No creams & custards.
  • No cheesecakes or biscuits
  • Using common brands (I’m in Australia so it’s easier for me to get the big brands)

I’m thinking that pretty much leaves me with fruit based recipes, but any other ideas much appreciated. @woftam sent me 50ml of a fruit based mix called barrel of monkeys as an example.

I’ll explain why I need your assistance On starting vaping I and those near me were stoked that I don’t stink. However, my home is complaining that the vanilla smell is giving headaches doesn’t like artificial vanilla. I don’t think it’s just that as I switched and predominantly vaped bust a nut and it doesn’t have vanilla yet it still prompts her “I can still smell it” don’t know what’s going on. It’s something in the custards or creams too. In a nutshell to make mine and her life easier I thought it best I just vape fruit based recipes at home. And I can enjoy the other recipes at work & out and about, etc.

If you guys have any recipes that could help me out I’d be forever grateful. Help my home life please. Thanks in advance to all those that can help.

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So I guess this one is out of the question lol

3 Vanilla Milkshake

Ingredient %
Cream Fresh (FA) 0.5
French Vanilla Deluxe (TPA) 2
Madagascar (Vanilla Classic) (FA) 1
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (CAP) 7.5
Vienna Cream (FA) 1.5

Flavor total: 12.5%

@daath has Cat Blood

Cat Blood

Ingredient %
Coconut (FA) 0.8
Kiwi (FA) 2.2
Lime Tahity (Cold Pressed) (FA) 0.2
Mad-Mix (Mad Fruit) (Red Bull) (FA) 0.7
Marshmallow (FA) 0.5
Melon Cantaloupe (FA) 0.3
Red Summer (Watermelon) (FA) 0.8
Red Touch (Strawberry) (FA) 1.2

Flavor total: 6.7%

Remember to rate it at!

I also have

Just add fruit

Ingredient %
Hard Candy (FW) 3
Marshmallow (FA) 3
Salt Water Taffy (FW) 2
Sour (TPA) 2

Flavor total: 10%

Where you can as the title suggests add fruit to taste and get a nice sour fruit.

I will dig up a few more for you .


Oh and this one is on my to make list it looks delicious

Rupert's Mango Lassi

Ingredient %
Almond (FA) 0.3
Cardamom (FA) 0.25
Creamy Yogurt (CAP) 6
Kool Effects (Koolada) (FW) 0.5
Mango Shisha (INAWERA) 2
Sweet Cream (CAP) 3
Sweet Mango (CAP) 3

Flavor total: 15.05%

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this is one i am about to mix up myself

not sure if you want to try any florals? some are mixed with fruit, i have been dipping my toe in that pond recently and enjoy the unique flavors… let me know and maybe i can suggest a few more… most of my fruits are currently single flavor testers that i am trying to get the feel of… i will post more as i am expiramenting and try to help you out as much as possible. keep the faith brother :slight_smile:


That is a really nice mix

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And there’s always Rupert’s Peruvian Cactus:

If you don’t want her to smell the vapour; stay away from raspberries.


That one is amazing. I have 3 60 mls ready for a rainy day.

For your help:

Wounded Tiger:
Strawberry FW 2%
Creamy Coconut FW 3%
Hard Candy FW 2%

Black Tiger:
Blackberry FW 3%
Creamy Coconut FW 2%
Hard Candy FW 2%

White Tiger:
Juicy Peach FW 3%
Creamy Coconut FW 2%
Hard Candy FW 2%

Any flavors can be substituted. It’s really good.


Red Vines:
Red Licorice TFA 5%


And @ffrank 's shake and vape recipe:

snv all day

fa fuji 2%
fa marshmallow 1%
tfa ripe strawberry 3%
inw shisha strawberry 4%

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As usual, response outstanding. Thanks all. I’ll put my list together to make an order.

@Skullblade789 is the creamy coconut FW more coconut than cream (crosses fingers)?


Yes. Any coconut will work in this case.

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I can vouch for this one thanks for bringing it up the Mrs likes this one


Not mine but it’s delicious, I halved the juicy peach with fa white peach and added a few drops of orange citrus. May be good with some honey flavor too?


Here are a few that might suit you. Most are not mine, but I make them regularly.

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Pushing a few of my own :slight_smile:

I like this one:

This one needs to steep, but it’s good:

Simple Jaegerbomb (which uses the best Absinthe there is):

EDIT: Oops. There is a little vanilla in Cepheus…

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(I’m in a mood today). I say light up a cuban cigar and see how she likes that instead :slight_smile:


I was thinking nose plugs.


I actually did that to my husband when I started using sub ohm tanks. My husband is a great guy but he gets a little controlling and baby-ish at times and he’s got his own bad habits. He used to whine about my smoking and then I started smoking outside and then I started vaping and he whined about that so my sister was here and he was whining about my vape so we both lit up a Marlboro in the kitchen. (She is a smoker and I knew he wouldn’t say a word while she was here) When she left I said so you want to go back to the days of ashtrays and a butt smelling house? He looked at me funny…Then I said, “No really it’s OK, I can do it if that’s what you want”. Not a word since.


This one is very popular with my friends.