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What Ya Vaping / Mixing Today?


I am vaping on my Black Cherry NET and drinking my morning coffee. Pooch asleep by my side. Rain is coming down and just finished 55 30ml bottles for friends and myself. Getting ready for my surgery on Friday.


Beautiful pooch :heart_eyes:

Yikes, wishing you a speedy recovery :blush:


Hi Amy,
Hey I need to buy some strawberry flavorings I’m thinking strawberry (Ripe) and Strawberry Cream what brand do you recommend I want a
natural strawberry flavor not synthetic taste I would appreciate your


Hi Steve
I’d recommend a lot of different SBs but I’ll try to keep it concise.

SB Ripe TFA for a splash of realistic berry
SB Shisha INW for a sweet jammy SB
SB n Cream TFA a lil more cream than SB
SB ( regular ) TFA has a great note for SB boosts other very well use 4-6% really takes it to then next level w/ steeping.

Honorable mentions that I am falling in love with !
Sweet SB Jungle Flavor’s ( ECX )
RF Strawberry SC ( Real Flavor’s & Walmart.com )


Yeah, you see the foot in the picture with the scar on it. I get a matching one on the other foot. It is to correct bunions.


Thanks Amy! I just ordered
SB Shisha INW
SB n Cream TFA
SB ( regular )


She is my little teddy bear.


Awesome ! You will be in vape heaven :strawberry:

@Skullblade789 I wish you a speedy recovery and pray the surgery goes fine ! Your fur baby is adorable !


She is adorable when she wants to be. Underneath the outer sheath of adorableness is a little hellion of barkiness. I love her to death and she is funny as all get out.


I know Pomeranians very well my mom had a house full of them never a dull moment :wink:

I on the other hand have Chihuahuas still bark some but not nearly as rambunctious as the lil furry lion guys ! And I don’t mean that in a negative way :blush:


No offense taken. Once you live with one of these furry devils you understand completely. She is a very low energy pomeranian. Thankfully she only goes ballistic when I or me and my wife come home or another dog comes around and starts shit. There is a little chihuahua that is infatuated with her. We always say that he is carrying a rose for her and saying, “I’m coming to you mi amore!!!” I wish I could say the feeling about her love for him was mutual, but alas it is not the case.


Here’s what I just ordered Amy :grin:

FlavourArt Joy - 10ml
Flavor West Butter Pecan - 1oz
Flavor Apprentice Koolada 10% PG - 10ml
Flavor Apprentice Strawberry - 2oz
Flavor Apprentice Fruit Circles - 2oz
Flavorah Crunch Cereal - 15ml
Flavor Apprentice Smooth - 2oz Shisha Strawberry - 2oz
Inawera Biscuit - 2oz
FlavourArt Joy - 1oz
Flavor Apprentice Cheesecake Graham Crust - 2oz
Flavor Apprentice Toasted Marshmallow - 2oz
Flavor Apprentice Mandarin Orange - 2oz
Flavor Apprentice Double Chocolate Clear - 2oz
Flavor Apprentice Cotton Candy - 2oz


Very good stuff. What yah gonna mix with that?


I have so many recipes that I couldn’t mix because I didn’t have these flavors


I know the feeling. I see so many recipes on here and it is like, nope don’t have that, or that, or that, or that, or that, shit, or that, etc. Kills me a little inside.


EXACTLY! It’s like shit I have bought so many flavors and still I always need something how many is enough? After this order I’ll have almost 90
flavors if that’s not enough screw it I’ll mix with what I have :grin: I


I am right with you.


Mixed up some testers (15ml each) of…
Forest Milk v2
Moon Sugar v1
Nana-berry Cake
Peaches & Cream


I have been working with Strawberry Biscuit and cream. How do you mix your peach and cream?


Peaches & Cream
2.00% Peach (SC) (RF)
2.00% Sweet Cream (TPA)
1.50% Bavarian Cream (LA)
1.00% Italian Cream (Hangsen)
1.00% Vienna Cream (FA)
Added as a result of an import
Ken_O_WhereKustard King
Changed 1% Custard (FA) to Vienna Cream (FA)

I made a change (I think from the original)